Connor’s Dream Team August Review

Welcome back everybody!

Its that time again everybody… It’s time for my monthly blog! *Insert cheer*
I hope everyone’s teams have done well, if not do not fear my friend as its a season long game and there is plenty of time to catch up to your mini league rivals or even graft your way up the leaderboard in the Dream Team Tonic Cash League and potentially get yourself that shiny 1st place trophy! Anyways, enough of the chitchat let’s get right into the good stuff!

August Team Review

Right so as you can see below there are two teams. The one on the left is the start of the month and the one on the right is how it looks currently at the end of the month. The team on the left looks a little different to the one I had in my last blog as I took Robertson out for Reguilon and Buendia out for Benrahma. This was mainly due to injury concerns before GW1 and it couldn’t have worked out better if im honest.

Reguilon 3 cleans out of 3 in the games he started this month and 1 included City! Perfect! The Liverpool duo of Alisson and Trent worked just as expected and they both supplied the goods with 42 points between them two alone. For me Trent is essential and it’ll take a lot for me to be willing to get rid of him! On the other hand… Digne, what a let down. I did the same thing last season and banked on Everton defenders to give me returns with good early fixtures and once again it let me down big time so never again will I be starting with an Everton defender, sorry Everton fans! And with that, Digne to Dias was the move to make for me in GW3 and it worked well!

On to Alli… He was a brilliant choice in theory with his nice early fixtures and talk of playing with Son up front however that was not the case when it came to the games. From the eye test and from interviews I’ve gathered that Alli is playing a much deeper roll than expected this season and thats a big no no for me (even with his lucky 8 point haul against wolves with the infamous pen he took). I had to get rid and so in GW3 I went Alli to Pereira. Worked out great at first! 7.0 rating an assist for the Leicester defender but then unfortunately went off injured early so ill have to monitor that for next month! Buzzing with Benrahma, what a gem! Wont be leaving my side anytime soon unless Lingard makes a return to the hammers before the window ends. Up next is Mahrez and ive learnt my lesson now unfortunately… With Mahrez even if he blanks or is on the bench you MUST keep him in your teams! I, like a lot of other managers took him out in GW2, luckily I put in Grealish who got the same points and looks semi decent for the future. Bruno as you expect is just Bruno, hattrick GW1 then back to back -1’s. He will no doubt get a haul soon with decent attacking fixtures ahead. A lot of managers will be thinking of dropping him for Ronaldo so he’ll most definitely be an interesting one to monitor!

The attack did quite well! Sonaldo (My favourite player in the league) did really well this month. Although he blanked in GW2 and provided no cup returns he still managed a tidy haul of 21 points for the month with help of a beautiful fluky freekick goal. Mane and Salah provided me with sufficient returns between them GW 1 and 2 then for GW 3 I decided to drop them both knowing they played Chelsea and put in Kane and Antonio. It didn’t work out too well due to the Kane blank but it was worth the shot in my opinion as against Watford, Kane could’ve had a huge haul on paper!

Plans For Next Month

In all honesty I’ve only got a few things in mind at this moment in time as in general I feel my team is pretty strong for the upcoming month. Firstly I need Salah back in my team and unfortunately that would mean that Sonny would have to make room for him. This is most likely my first sub of the month. The other thing I have to do is keep an eye on Pereira as previously said. If he’s fit ill most likely keep him for the month as he looks absolutely superb value in the defence!

Players on my watchlist!

Ferran Torres – If he keeps playing as City’s number 9 its an absolute no brainer
Ronaldo – Considered the greatest goal scorer of all time… Enough said
Fornals – Goal contribution in every game to date for the hammers
Adama Traore – Dream Team rating cheat code and good fixtures (Shoutout to FlowerPotMan4, if you know you know)
Jota – Possible Firmino injury, incredible value if he’s a starter
Tanganga – Cheap starter for Tottenham as it currently stands and looks great when he plays
Cancelo – Looks fantastic so far this season and I can see plenty of attacking returns on the horizon

Teams to Target in September!

Liverpool, Manchester United, Leicester, West Ham (Attack only)

Based on Fixture difficulty


This is the end of the blog for this month! I just want to say a big thankyou to everyone who reads this and gets something out of it whether that be enjoyment, Advice or both! I also want to thank you all for the support and traction ive been getting on my twitter recently! Since joining Dream Team Tonics blogging team ive had a lot of you guys chatting to me in twitter DM’s and getting involved in my tweets, its brilliant!

And as always, if you lot have any questions or just want to chat football then you can find me onΒ TwitterΒ @ConkerFF

See ya next month and good luck!


3 Responses

  1. Looking at cheap options for defenders to bring in this window.
    Everyone seems to be jumping on the Tanganga bandwagon, personally I think he’s a red card waiting to happen and his place is now under threat with the signing of Royale.
    So considering West Ham Central defenders as a cheap transfer option with the bonus of them also being in Europe. Dawson and Ogbonna are both only 2.1m, I know their both on minus points so far but I’m thinking the signing of Zouma will tighten them up – question is, which one will lose their place to him, thoughts?