Connor’s Dream Team September Review

It’s that time again, Welcome back everybody!

Before we start the blog, I just want to say a massive thankyou for all your feedback on the last blog. It means a lot knowing that these blogs actually help people! It’s always worth noting that if you’ve had a disaster of a month and you’ve dropped some places in your mini leagues then dont fret because its not too late to turn it around!

September Team Review

Right so like last month, here’s how the photos of the 2 teams work. Left is the before photo and the Right photo is the after photo (My Current team). These photos can be seen below this segment of the blog!

Where can I start with this month’s team review… It’s been a disaster if im honest. This months weekly GW points are as follows: GW4 76pts, GW5 41pts, GW6 23pts (With European games still to go). This month has been a weird one to say the least. From what ive seen, you might’ve had a similar month to me unless you were fortunate enough to have had City or Chelsea defenders in your teams!

Starting with my Goalkeeper, for GW4 I had Alisson who got me a 8pts against Leeds but then a -1 against AC Milan. To get Funds in my team I then took Alisson out for Sa, the Wolves Goalkeeper, and its working out quite alright so far if I dont say so myself! In GW5 he got me -2pts which is nothing to brag about but then in GW6 (Our current GW) he has got me 15pts!! A star man performance, Clean sheet with an assist, what more can you ask for? That’s the bragging gone though as it’s pretty much all downhill from here!

The defenders didn’t change all month other than Dias who I subbed out for Torres to get funds for the big Ronaldo move. Trent got me 9pts out of 5 games this month which is very low considering the amount of games. Saying this however, he was still my highest point scoring defender this month. Yes it’s that bad! Reguilon got me -5pts this month and Pereira got me -2pts. I had to stick with Reguilon throughout this month due to needing to use transfers elsewhere. Due to his performances, he is the first player getting transferred out next month! And second to get transferred out will be Pereira. I had high hopes for him this month with Brighton, Millwall and Burnley in successive games but it just didn’t go as planned. Fingers crossed he gets some points in the midweek game against Legia Warsaw.

In the midfield Benrahma got me 16pts, Grealish got me 16pts, Torres got me 11pts and Bruno got me 13pts. All these players had 5 games this month with 1 game still to play. The players im disappointed with are Bruno and Torres. Torres in particular is an interesting one as his points potential in my opinion is very high when he plays and he seems to get a fair few amount of chances when he does play. It’s just frustrating as an owner as a lot of the time he’s not getting the goals he should really be scoring. As for being a Bruno owner, we really need to think about if its finally time to let go and replace him for someone else, KDB as an example. For the money you put in to owning Bruno its hard to justify keeping him with consistent blanks.

In my attack ive got a completely new front 3. GW4 I had a front 3 of Kane, Ronaldo and Antonio. Kane got 0pts, Ronaldo got 26pts and Antonio got 5pts. Let’s start with Antonio… He got sent off against Southampton then scored midweek. Because he got sent off I was forced into transferring him out for Lukaku who got a massive 31pt haul that week. Kane…Kane…Kane… where do I start? He got me 0pts that week and in the weeks before that in which I owned him he also looked incredibly poor. He fails the eye test for me in every way possible. He seems to think he plays as a number 6 nowadays and thats the opposite of what you want from a 7mil forward especially when he’s taking up Salah’s position in your team. Because of Kane’s poor performances he was then transferred out for Salah. The Big 3 were formed! GW5 and GW6 Salah got 20pts, Ronaldo got 8pts and Lukaku got 3pts. Im not worried by this as these 3 forwards, in my opinion, are the best 3 forwards you can own all season and I attend to keep the 3 of them for a while.

Plans For Next Month

The main objective for this coming month is to get quite a few Chelsea assets into my team. Their fixtures for the coming months are just too good to ignore and in my opinion if you dont have at least 2 Chelsea defenders your rank could be hurt a lot! As ive said in my September review, Reguilon and Pereira are 2 of the players I will be getting rid of when the new set of transfers come out on the 1st of October (This Friday!). As you can probably guess, I’ll be replacing them with 2 of the Chelsea defenders with the 1.8mil I have in the bank. If I need extra funds im very tempted to replace Bruno but we’ll see closer to the time as we still have the European games to go as im writing this.

Players on my watchlist!

Rudiger – Very much nailed on for most of the season
Azpilicueta – Another nailed on Chelsea defender with a little bit of attacking threat
Alonso – Cheaper Chelsea defender (Could get rotated at some point)
Cancelo – Looks fantastic as I said in my last blog, just very expensive
Saka – Looking like Arsenals main man at the minute, Good run of fixtures ahead
Smith Rowe – 2.3 mil enabler with good fixtures and a decent attacking threat
Foden + KDB – Both look sharp since coming back from injury

Teams to Target in October!

Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal

Based on Fixture difficulty

Keep your heads up and GOOD LUCK!

This is the end of the blog for this month, Thanks for reading! It’s been a rough month for my team and no doubt it’ll have been rough for some of yours too! Remember it’s a season long game, Keep your heads up and plan for the games ahead!

And as always, if you lot have any questions or just want to chat football then you can find me onΒ TwitterΒ @ConkerFF

See ya next month and good luck!