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Wasn’t that nice! Loved watching all the goals go in an especially all a majority of game on at 15:00, topped of with a Super Sunday. 🐝

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GW1 Review. 📝 

📊 100 Points

🌎 Overall Rank: 377,645

100 club on the first Gameweek! Absolute dreamland. 

Brentford looked decent against Arsenal, i really think they are going to be like Leeds, shame to see Toney blank but i do still fancy him to get goals as he was pivotal to them winning that game.

Started well with united smashing Leeds and me having going FernanYES meant i was safe. 

Was happy to see Brighton lose there cleansheet early too as Sanchez could be a real killer going forward with a 24% ownership. I still feel Watford arguably have a better run and Bachmann has more ways to score points.

Ings & Barnes didn’t look all to great but i picked them both more for the next 3 fixtures so am hoping this was a one off. Was relived to see Ings get the penalty in the last minute.   

Salah ©️ was a relief after Brunos earlier antics, but i do feel Liverpool got slightly lucky and i was also lucky Alison saved a crucial shot on goal to save my double Liverpool defence.

Super Sunday Delivered.. i was gutted when i see Newcastle has scored, i text my friend who was top of my mini league saying “Cresswell goal would be nice now” and love and behold he actually did score! Then Antonio with a 13 pointer was the icing on the cake. 🎂 

Onto Gameweek 2.

I an going to be rolling the transfer this week as my team still looks really good for this Gameweek i feel & the way i have set it up there isn’t many ways to get players in i want without taking a hit.  

The main worry this week is i have no Man City assets and no Son. I still think Man City are not firing but do expect them to win.. i hope Norwich beat the 3-2 like they did 2 years ago but i cant see that happening. With Son, i cant get him in at the moment and with him playing Thursday night too this makes it less worrying not owning him to Wolves, who i feel were unlucky again Leicester.

While on the point of Man City, Grealish could be an absolute diamond this year at 8.0m, if he starts every week i feel he will have the same effect as KDB on that Manchester City team & i will defo be keeping eyes on him.

On a positive side of things i do have some players with very tasty fixtures.

First up Liverpool triple in Salah, TAA & Tsimikas. Tsimikas is just a 4.0m Robbo.. looked very sharp and was good to see him on corners, also with VVD back i hope Liverpool will be more solid from now on. Salah at Anfield with the crowd back is a must have. (Side note Robbo back in individual training Wednesday 18th)

Also a Villa double up in Buendia & Ings I’m hoping can come through a lot more this week against a Newcastle team who didn’t look good defensively.

Looking forward to seeing how Toney plays this week also as Palace seem to be starting a new attack minded way of playing it seems, hopefully lots of goals.

Lastly who to put the armband on? ©️

For me it has to be Salah, first game back at Anfield with the crowd and that atmosphere I’m sure Salah will turn up. Second choice  would be Bruno but i am very suspicious and feel he scored all his points in Gameweek one, i think he will only get an assist this Game & hopefully a cleansheet, i see this being a hard game for United and i do feel Home advantage is going to be a massive factor this year.

Of your looking to go more fruity with your ©️ pick i would look at either one of the Man City assets or either Toney or Ings, be aware that Pep roulette will always exists and thats why it isn’t my preferred choice if i could. Both Strikers mentioned have good fixtures and arguably have a point prove.

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