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The Low scoring Gameweek hit us and it wasn’t pleasant. I thought this week would be very stalemate as a lot of teams faced equally good teams. 

Lets get to it,

GW6 Review. 📝  

📊 48 Points

🌎 Overall Rank: 71,405 🔻

Slight red arrow this week but still within the top 100k which i am happy about, worrying thing is how powerful the next Wildcard teams are going to be and is going Big at the back the new way forward.. 

I ended up taking a -4 to bring Antonio back in for Bamford, it is easy for me to say now i should have just rolled the transfer last week but i fancied Bamford if fit to outscore Antonio. I also took out Torres and brought in  the community’s hype player in Sarr, was glad to see him return and i feel Torres is a no go now.

The early kick off ©️ blank hits again!! Aston Villa with a shock but deserving 1-0 win, Martinez is the best mind games Goalkeeper when it comes to penalties.. completely mind boggling Bruno, was very surprised that Ronaldo didn’t take it, but i think from now on he will..   

Was gutted to see my team Chels lose 1-0 to City, it seemed we only played when we went 1-0 down and if not for Mendy it could have been 2 or 3. Grealish looked lively in the City team and seems 75% nailed id say, im keeping an eye on him as his fixtures turn nicely soon. Also the city Defence is looking like an easy 6 points each week soon so ready up for 2 defenders.

Norwich still look rubbish and i feel are going to be real slapping boys this year. Everton and the midfielders with some nice returns notably Gray still chipping in, be even more or a good asset when DCL & Richarlison are back in the team i feel. To note too was Doucoure who has been box to box and has always had that goal in him, looks more like the shackles are off and he can explode forward more now.

Raphinha starting was a reliefs and he was unlucky not to get more points hitting the post and getting into some good positions. Antonio with a last minute Goal made the -4 i took half worth it too. Benrahma looking lively getting 5 shoots off which were close to going in, im still unsure on him but that is easy for me as a non owner to say lol. 

Vardy with a Hatrick! Shame it one of them was an Own Goal. 😂😩 i really feel me and the whole community has over looked him, his numbers are never good but give him a chance and he will score, his the kinda player who can score from nothing. I think Leicester just don’t look the same this year and thats party why and with obvious other big hitters elsewhere all our budget is with them. Let me know if any of you own Vardy, hats of to ya.. 🧢👏 

The 2 main hitter for Watford and Newcastle returned as ASM got an assist and Community fav Sarr got the goal. ASM with a lucky assist as the Goal was a screamer but he has looked lively all season and should have had a goal or another assist when he went one on one with Foster. Another note is Foster at 4.0m playing and playing well making a lot of saves, was unlucky not to get more save points. 

Brentford v Liverpool what a game! Brentford giving me Sheffield United vibes of 2 seasons ago.. players playing out of position and scoring and also keeping cleansheets along the way. Finally Jota returned and so unlucky not to have 2 goals.. Salah looks lively and was also unlucky not to have 2 goals. Raya has been the pick of the 4.5m keepers with another Solid performance and a couple of saves. 

Southampton are really struggling after losing big players such as Ings and Bertrand, having still not got a win. Wolves assets finally came in handy for everyone who activated there Wildcard lastweek and trusted them. Sa and Jimenez owners in dream land with an Assist and Goal. Traore owners like myself were in the mud as he wasn’t in the starting line up but if only Jimenez could have squared it to him he would have had a tap in. Im still keeping faith and hoping for a brace somewhere along the way. 🤞🤪

Arsenal just ran riot in that first half and i feel could do well this season with no playing in Europe this year. There youngsters could be as good as Chelsea of 2 seasons ago. Spurs look to be really struggling and Kane is so short of confidence, i think he would have scored his chance if he was at full confidence and would have dug the team out of this poor showing. 

Lastly i needed Sanchez to have a master class against Palace in the derby on Monday night. Unfortunately they got a Penalty and he didn’t save it..  well done to the Gallagher owners who got yet another return, his looking a bit like Doucoure as his everywhere, his engine is unreal. Brighton with a late equaliser and thos of you who kept Veltman was in for a nice treat.   

Onto Gameweek 7. 📝

The Gameweek where a lot of Wildcards are going to be activated in anticipation for them fixture swings. 🤪

For me this is very hard to see as i was half forced to Activate mine early but am still glad i did. But seeing all these perfect teams on paper is very hard to see. I would advice City double and Chelsea double in defence and a nice balance in Midfield with Salah in and Big men up Top.

As well it is time for everyone to jump on the Chelsea assets but which ones! Firstly if you can get to Lukaku i would.. its a hard sale for Ronaldo though but his fixtures are to good to look past i think. Also i think for Chels defenders the order i would put them in this order:





Rudi is most nailed i feel in this Chelsea team right now and is best for price, in terms of playing everyweek and also getting points consistently 

I honestly think Azpi being out on the RWB position will reward owners more now and he is captain and second most nails to Rudiger i think. Alonso still worries me with rotation especially after he looked average again Juventus.. dont get me wrong his ceiling is massive but if you whiling to risk that and have your first sub maybe come of bench each week it is up to you.. Christensen last as i think his ceiling isn’t as high but i do think he will play more game than Alonso so its a tough call, he is nearly 1.0m cheaper so a nice cheap way to get into Chelseas amazing fixtures.

Always hold on to your transfers till after the Champions league and Europa league games are done.. the last thing you want is the player you put in to be injured. 

For me ©️ is between the 3 main forwards this season in FPL in, Ronaldo, Lukaku and Antoinio. If i owned Lukaku i would defo be putting the armband on him. The fixture for United looks tasty too and Ronaldo could explode here but they really do look a bit over the place again. Antonio a solid pick against Brentford at home who just conceded 3 to Liverpool and could be a good differential to the 3 big hitters.

Also something new to the blog what i am going to include is my Wishlist for who i want on my team soon and looking to get in, plus a Captain Matrix. If you want to be successful at FPL these little lists can really make the difference and make your thinking more clear.

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