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There is a point in every fantasy season that stands out at the end of it all. GW9 will be one of those. One simple decision changes the path of your season, especially when you’re on the wrong side of one.

Me like many others broke two very simple rules last weekend:

  • Never captain the early kick-off (unless its Salah)
  • Always captain your premium player (that’s why they’re premium), especially if its Salah

We won’t dwell on it any further, we’ve all been through the usual response patterns, amplified by the fact Chelsea scored 7, with none coming from the out of position midfielder playing up front. The final sprinkle of salt being added by a Havertz mid-week goal in the cup.


This is why we play this game right? Where would the fun (and pain) be if we got every decision right, every week? BORING! I own the decision and the consequences… and… we move (lol).

Despite the captain fail, the mud from recent weeks, doesn’t feel so sticky anymore. Let’s get into the teams (sticker in the case of the differential team!).

My predictions in my GW9 preview last week was for the First XI to break into the top 10k. CHECK! And one of the other two teams to edge up to 20k. CHECK!

This was in a bid to just get moving in the right direction, with any progress flatlining in recent weeks! Unfortunately, the Differential team rather than getting out of the mud, decided to sink further into it.

A broad range of scores from the three teams and daylight between them all developing. There is a little hope however, as before Salah did his thing, the First XI was in a cash position over the GW, proving that maybe the pack is all still a little bunched up. With plenty of weeks to go yet!

Our highest gameweek score since GW1 for the First XI, but despite this, some feeling of a lost opportunity. The Captaincy decision still hurting! Even worse is that Havertz was brought in for a -4, when I already owned Mount! Who wasn’t even on my radar, I was just hoping he would play. He sure did that.

Wolves losing their Clean Sheet at the death hurt a little, and what’s with Man City? Where have the Clean Sheets gone? Antonio is still ticking along, and hopefully more to come from Benny before we look at moving him on.

The final insult for the week, Edouard blanking against Newcastle where Dennis decided to haul on the bench before his impending transfer in GW10. Thanks for the memories, or lack of them, I guess.

Despite the slight air of negativity, I’m actually really happy to have had a proper shift up the rankings and some great returns from the team!

The Algorithm was following a similar fate to the Differential team ahead of the Liverpool game. Zaha a late sub appearance, Azpi missing out completely, Armstrong benched again, Vardy off early. Players and points were in short supply. Captain Salah and TAA to the rescue. Keeping the score honest.

The Diff team completely imploded this week. Sharing a similar fate to the Algo in terms of players lack of minutes. Zaha, Mane, Vardy & Alonso, missing out or coming on late in the day. Newcastle weren’t as leaking as I’d hoped as my VERY differential captain pick of Gallagher never looked like coming off. Egg on face. Auba continues to hold the fort. 11.6 points stuck on the bench. The Diff team could be too far gone already…


Not a lot to report after last weeks great performance. Edouard takes the bench ahead of the City game, while some concerns on Duffy as he didn’t make an appearance last week. A transfer perhaps for another day. White also went off “ill” in mid-week hopefully he comes through for the weekend. I may even switch in Norgaard before the deadline. With Vardy fit, he always seems to bag against the Arsenal.

Brentford have a good run of fixtures and Dennis is suspended, so a nice simple transfer move to Toney this week.

After last weeks harsh lesson, Salah picks the armband up. Mount and Havertz to run riot reagardless pleeeease!

The Algo looked in trouble mid-week with a few flags from last weekend and mid-week League Cup action. However, the press conferences today seemed to have cleared some of them up.

Azpi fit, Vardy fit, Mbeumo fit. The injury to Broja could see Armstrong back in contention and he maybe needed as there is still the City rotation risk to deal with.

No transfers this week, time to roll and look at some changes next week.

Salah Captain. Wish I had Foden over Grealish.

Two free transfers this week and much needed as the Diff team has a lot of work to do! Triple Palace was a bit over the top, so Zaha has made way for Son. Hoping to get on early and take advantage of a leaky Utd defence and Spurs fixture turn in the coming weeks.

The second move is a bit sideways, Alonso making way for Chilwell, who seems to have nailed down the left back spot in the League for now.

I’ve put the armband on Toney currently, I may switch to Son before the deadline.


  • Salah is captain until he goes to the AFCON
  • Differential captains are rank killers, pick your moments, even with the Diff team
  • Are we all sleeping on Kane this week? Or will Utd respond?
  • Time to confirm Brentford’s Premier League credentials away at Burnley
  • Chelsea to run riot…. AGAIN!

This week the captaincy is back in safe hands, I expect the Chelsea lads to keep pushing the teams up the table. Top 8K, Top 18k, Top 25k are the respected targets for this week. That’s all for me this week! I have a few teams in the weekly monsters so I may drop them on Twitter at some point tomorrow.

See you all on the other side!


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