Mike’s FanTeam Blog – GW11 – EXPECTING FIREWORKS…

GW10 felt like a bit of a non-event, I can’t really remember what happened, nothing significant of note. Not like the previous weeks with a hattrick here and a hattrick there. Here there everywhere everyone loved a points haul.

The turn up for the books was Burnley turning into prime Barcelona against until that day a solid Brentford debut in the Premier League. Know we’re wondering if this is the start of things to come for the new boys. Luckily for them they have the best fixture you could ask for against a Norwich team that look very much out of their depth at this level.

Oh! There was Crystal Palace talking Man City to school in their back yard. Everyones tip to struggle at the beginning of the season having required a few bodies in, their recruitment seems to have been spot on, and the likes of Gallagher, Zaha, Olise, Edouard and even Benteke looking like they are enjoying life in a more positive approach to their game. Vieira doing a great job at the moment.

Some big news off the pitch with Nuno being replace by Conte, it’s left with all us fantasy managers thinking about when (not if) we bring in Spurs assets, and then whether its Son or Kane…

Average and less than average score in GW10, with the First XI jumping up another 1k places and the Algorithm team finally breaking back into the top 20k. The differential team is continuing to bleed out.

Assists all round in Midfield! Salah with his weekly captain return and a couple of Clean Sheet. Shame Trent and Dias didn’t get the memo. Nothing much happened up front, and after being the man of the moment in GW9, Mount missed out completely in GW10. Hopefully he’s back this week, with a haul to match!

Much of the same with the Algorithm with the man source of points coming from Midfield. Azpi’s absence meant points off the bench (always nice). The Southampton clean sheet eased some of the pain in benching Ramsdale. Grealish on borrowed time, two free transfers this week to bring in this week’s talk of the town.

This team looks dead and buried, another horrendous Captaincy decision. What’s worse is the haul of points sitting on the bench, but who would of though Palace would turn city over in their own back yard the way they did. I can’t lose hope in the team. Afterall the experiment is a battle of playing styles, the Differential team will have its day.


Pretty boring this week for the First XI, we’ll be rolling the transfer, so we have the luxury of making two changes following the international break. Shuffle round of the existing staff, some bench options if the likes of Mount go missing again. Salah captain (boring!)

So, a couple of transfers referring to a few Team of Week teams, I need an enabler to bring in Son for the upcoming fixtures and ditch Grealish. Cucurella is that enabler in Midfield, he’s in a few Team of the Weeks for FPL because he’s a defensive option, unfortunately not in Fanteam but there was little choice digging around at the bottom of his price point. Salah captain (boring!)

No changes for the differential team, because get first glance (even second glance), it looks a solid enough team for this week, and I could do with the flexibility in GW12. Son is already in play, and I’ve gone for a less rogue captaincy this week with Auba. A playing bench can’t really argue with that especially if there is any Chelsea rotation waiting for us.


  • Brentford to bounce back against Norwich
  • West Ham to be a bit leggy from Europe
  • Palace to keep moving through the gears
  • Conte to give us a taste of what’s to come

We’re looking for GREEN ARROWS this week, I want a big juicy move from the Algo and Differential teams with a Son hattrick and I’d quite like to see some striker returns after they went missing last week. Really want to be going into the international break with a positive week in the bank!

Fireworks would be nice!

Good Luck everyone!


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