First up big apology for not being able to get a GW12 blog out, work + flu + end of week meetings was never going to end well for me. In fact, after a 3-day rest bite I’ve been struck down again with a second flu wave this week, forgive me if my memory or any of my decisions below look a little off, I’ve been on a Lemsip honey and lemon vibe for as long as I can remember. Now enough about my man flu sob story “boohoo hoooo”. “WE MOVE ON”!!

GW12 has done a few crazy things to the FPL community, and that’s all down to one thing, these premium fullbacks! They have started to deliver week in week out and we’ve all gone out to grab them early… in a Champions League week! My god we rolled the dice this week and luckily came out of it unscathed. Chilwell owners not so much…

Despite solid scores across the board in GW12 there was a little movement up, but it seemed to be one of those weeks where everyone seemed to have a decent week and not much ground made up. Interestingly though the Diff team rocked up out of nowhere with our highest score this week after weeks of struggle. I nice little run to bring them back in the game over this busy Christmas period? We love a comeback!

So first up let’s talk about Dias, I brought him in over Cancelo because he was “nailed” he’s been anything but nailed recently in the PL starting XI, while Cancelo continues to put the boot in. When you are hoping for a Duffy goal and Clean Sheet to fill the gaps you know you have problems at this point in the GW.

Last weeks transfer however, worked an absolute treat bringing in Cornet & Gallagher for Mount & Benrahma, with both the new boys returning. Cornet with a LOVELY goal and Gallagher notching up another assist. Salah continues to do Salah things with Trent alongside him and even Rudiger helped balance out the free scoring Reece James absent from any of my teams.

Edouard & Antonio remain concerns for me.

No transfers made for the Algo last week, so 2FT coming into GW13 and not much to talk about. We’re still looking for Son to do something, like literally anything and the Brentford boys came in weeks ago are still struggling. Azpi also seems out in the cold having started the season so brightly. A few moves need in the next couple of GW’s to add a bit of life into this squad. Strong enough score just needs some va va voom!

Speaking of va va voom the Diff team had plenty last week, without a captaincy return. Every time I move the Diff team captaincy away from Mane he HAULS! The back 3 also delivering big returns, but unfortunately Chilwell now out Is going to force a move for us in GW13. St Max, Gallagher, Toney all chipping in. Just those Spurs boys we need to get firing! Come on Conte get ‘em going lad!


I’m dead against taking hits in Fanteam, but only one -4 this season so far means I don’t mind jumping into a -8 this GW in order to set the team up for a push. It also means my Fanteam First XI team is much more aligned with my FPL team that has made some great moves the last four GWs. We also get to bring in some big hitters!

Three big moves this week:

Havertz OUT > Smith Rowe IN

Duffy OUT > James IN

Edouard OUT > Kane IN

I fully expect the following to now happen this GW, James to be rested. Edouard to finally get a goal.

I know you get the extra point for completing 90mins with attackers, and five at the back is normally avoided on Fanteam becasuse of this, but with the busy schedule coming up less and less players are going to complete the 90 so I’m all aboard 5 at the back!

Kane is essential in the restructure of my squad dynamics to facilitate a move to Ronaldo in a couple of weeks and hopefully Kane finally finds his Premier League shooting boots vs Burnley in the meantime. Salah captain (again).

The Algo needed some va va voom. The Algo gave us Rudiger and Smith-Rowe…. Lovely… The Brentford trio stinking out the place in this team and the fixtures have turned south for Southampton. Althought I would say this for Brentford, Everton not looking so great currently. Unless Son and Vardy find some goalscoring form it could be a difficult Christmas for the Algo. Salah captain (again).

One transfer for the Diff team and it’s the obvious boring move, but an exciting one nevertheless Chilwell is OUT and Alonso is IN.

A few more tweaks in the next couple of GWs. Toney and Son being moved on for a Man Utd attacker is on the radar. Van Dijk is due a goal aswell right?

Kane Captain!


  • Spurs to bounce back from midweek, Kane to FINALLY score!
  • Liverpool 9-0 Southampton? We haven’t seen this annual event yet this season
  • Only defenders score for Chelsea
  • Arsenal are good against the bad teams… ESR to fill his boots

It’s snowing here, so kettle is back on and lemsip supplies are topped up! Bring on the weekend!

Good Luck everyone!


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