Mike’s FanTeam Blog – GW14 – ANOTHER ONE!

Jeepers gang GW13 was a bit of a bust, aaaawww dam, and we would have got away with it, if it wasn’t for that pesky JOTA!!! Shucks I guess “WE MOVE”.

Let me vent on Jota at the top of this post and I promise I won’t mention him for the rest of the blog, the man is the most frustrating thing to happen to my fantasy football life. If I don’t own him, he hauls. If he’s a rotation risk, he hauls. If I bench him, he hauls. If I pick my nose, he hauls. If for the life of me I bring him into my fantasy team starting XI, he…. Does f**k ALL!!

So, while Jota single handily holds me back from any sort of gains, I cling on to the desperate rational that re-structuring my team in GW13 for a premium Striker spot will be worth it, and my astute planning will be rewarded when Harry Kane finally bags his first Premier League hattrick of the season away to Burnley, only for the game to be snowed off. At this point I might just eat the yellow snow… because that’s how GW13 was going.

As you can see from the snazzy table below, the First XI slipped back almost 2k places with a shocking 54.1, while the Algo team is resurgent!! I can almost smell the Vardy after party from here. The Diff team has returned to the basement with the other weirdos at the previously mentioned afterparty (Too much yellow snow).

So the expected happened, hits were taken only for the main men in this case James and Kane to deliver a terrifying strike to my rivals 1 POINT!! We did get some sweet sweet jam at least to avoid a complete disaster Toney bagging yet another goal, from the spot this time. Elsewhere little to talk about other than Rudiger hitting the crossbar with a thundercunt of a strike and then proceeded to balloon the match winning opportunity at the back post, but by this point in the GW I was already a broken dribbling mess from the Lemsip.

The Algo is now showing off a bit as the wheels and cogs gather more and more info every week. Also helped by a bucket load of Jam with a Brentford CS off the bench when Son went for a snowball fight with Conte over the cricket ground. Ramsdale continues to pick up points in the sticks and Ranieri was desperate to party with his mate Jamie again and gave his Watford lads the day off. The Algo starting to prove its doubters (me) MAY be wrong!

I said Van Dijk would score last week, and he duly delivered. Not much else to report, Newcastle we’re crap, Alonso was crap, Mane picked the armband off Kane to blank. Lovely stuff. Don’t really see where this team goes unless Spurs and Newcastle down some sambucas and go nuts in mid-week.


After the -8 last week, we’re being super boring. Shuffling the pack, I’m fully expecting to see at least one of the Arsenal boys from the bench make it onto the pitch. I did consider a Toney to Wilson move but I can’t trust Newcastle to do anything note worthy and Toney is finally scoring some goals, and I don’t imagine Spurs can manage a clean sheet these days (famous last words!). 2FT for next GW sounds perrrrrfect to me.

Salah continues with the armband

The Algo has decided to shift out some dead wood this week. St Max and Bowen coming up as good options for this spot over the next three fixtures. I edged with the man from the Toon based on fixtures looking a little easier. Vardy flagged, Duffy flagged so we may run into some issues if Vardy misses out and Cancelo gets rested. Also not entirely convinced the Arsenal boys away at Old Trafford will return anything, but we live in hope (and fear).

Salah continues with the armband.

The Diff team doesn’t look like it needs much added to it this week, looks oddly stacked with double ups across the team. Hopefully a nice chunky score to make us stop laughing at them, for one week at least.

Kane Captain – Can he FINALLY deliver something, anything!


  • ROTATION is going to sting! Hopefully we have enough on the bench to cope
  • Spurs have had a rest… Goals? Maybe?
  • Newcastle to finally bag their first win of the season
  • Keeping a close eye on Man Utd assets again this week

Quick fire turn around, its peak Fantasy season and I love it!!

Good Luck everyone!


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