Mike’s FanTeam Blog – GW15 – THE GW THAT NEVER WAS!

GW14, eventful, yet nothing happened. The GW that never was. Disturbingly this could become more common over the coming weeks, with the game becoming almost an 8- or 7-man game. I don’t tend to touch upon things like EO, xG, xA etc. etc. but its time to talk about the elephant in the room.

The ownership of Salah and Trent has turned the game in recent weeks in to them plus nine others. Unfortunately, this trend shows no sign of slowing down. With Jota, Cancelo and James ownership creeping up and up. Leaving us with only 6 spots to play with. Now this seems to be more obvious in FPL, but it feels we’re seeing a very similar pattern in Fanteam, and as you can see from the league table both the First XI and Algo teams haven’t really moved from their current ranks (and that’s without owning Jota), despite average-ish scores, we seem to be cancelling each other out.

Long term, we’ll still see steady improvement upwards with a team of highly owned players no doubt, but we’re not likely to see big jumps up the ranks, unless Mount rocks up with another hattrick or something similar. And as the Diff team are finding out going against the grain can kill your team off. One thing that will help shuffle things up, Salah and a few others going to the AFCON in the new year. Along with hopefully the re-emergence of the premium Striker. Kane is dreadful currently. Lukaku is not back up to speed. While Ronaldo is coming into fixtures, with good form and a new manager, but will he survive rotation over the busy Christmas period?

It feels like the game is at a stalemate, and we’re coming to a crossroads.

Not much to report on the league table, pretty much as you were. The Diff team embarrassing itself yet again and now a massive 100 points behind the Algo in second.

We jumped on the James hype train, and we’ve managed to derail him (for the greater good it seems). 1-point last time out, backed up with a complete no show the second time. Hopefully we’ll see him and some points over Christmas. Sa with yet another CS, although it gets tough for Wolves. If we have a luxury transfer to burn maybe a move to Ramsdale on the cards but lots to sort out elsewhere so set and forget it is. Dias was due a goal and we were rewarded for our patience after his recent rotation. A bit of jam with the ESR goal, but it was needed following blanks from Cornet, Gallagher, Toney, Antonio, and Kane! All with more than favourable fixtures leaving quite a deflated camp. There are glimpses the team can climb the rankings but there is some resistance to make the break through.

Everytime the Algo looks dead and buried for the GW, it pulls out its weekly magic trick with some late goals in the last couple of games, this week cue Son and ESR. Similar despair with the entire backline blanking and the entire front line copying to double down on the misery. Keeping pace with the First XI in recent weeks, but can it claw back and start moving up rather than the season flat lining as we reach the half way point?

The Diff team may have had whatever life it had left in it finally kicked out. Weeks of captaincy blanks while perma captain Salah continues to pick up points is like a death by a thousands cuts, especially when you have Kane blanking hard every week, even with the more recent favourable fixtures. Son and Wilson with the only returns in the team. No cleansheets, no Mane, no Kane. Tough at the bottom. Christmas maybe kinder but I can’t see it, needs freshening up. Needs some new ideas.


My general reluctance to bring in Jota may end my Fanteam and FPL seasons before Christmas, but we’ve made our stand and I’m a man of conviction. I’ve bolstered the ranks with the addition of Bernardo Silva (not Jota) for our Brentford bench warmer, he’s been quietly going about his business at Man City with little to no hoorah! So, after weeks of him playing 90 mins and bring in goals, I’ll surely get Pep’d come the weekend. But that’s ok we’re prepared for this outcome and the bench is strong enough to cope. The move is purely to try and add something different to the Jota narrative, I had 2FT so I didn’t want to lose one and the other moves I want to make don’t make sense until GW16 (Spoiler! Kane to Ronaldo!) – Salah still captain. I considered Kane before I watched him last night. Nope! No thanks! Not worth the risk!

No changes for the Algo this week. Recent transfers were made with a 2-3 GW window of which this is the last stretch. 2FT next week will probably see the arrival of some Utd assets with their upcoming fixture run coming up. Whether that’ll be Bruno or Ronaldo… we don’t know yet! Fully fit squad and I’m sure they’ll find a few goals from somewhere, AGAIN!

It’s painful coming to make the changes on this team every week. On paper, looks absolutely fine, but once that captaincy blank hits, the GW is gone in a flash. Silva comes in over the popular Jota, and a change up front to King (over Dennis) to help facilitate the upgrade to Silva from Fornals. Now Fornals hasn’t done much wrong, I just got bored of benching his points every week, it’s just something I don’t need in my life right now lol! Feel free to throw some names at me for this team!!


  • Will Wolves shut the door on Liverpool?
  • Expecting a dilly ding dilly dong kind of game for Watford v Man City
  • Arsenal to put the final boot into Rafa
  • Palace to repeat the trick as they head to Manchester

Hopefully I’ll be celebrating my Kane and Silva hattricks with you all next week, but until then Good Luck everyone!


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