Mike’s FanTeam Blog – GW17 – COVID CARNAGE… again!

With the quick turn around in GWs I may miss a blog here and there, but nevertheless the season has taken an interesting turn with two major things returning to fantasy football…


At the point of writing Utd vs Brentford is off and we have no ideas about any others than just rumors!

A short but sweet season update for the mid week games. GW16 despite the lack of preview from myself turned out to be a good one, for one team at least…

The First XI’s charge to the money is gathering some momentum with a solid GW15 and an above average score in GW16. The Algo and Diff teams have made little to no ground and the struggles look to continue into GW17 with postponements, rotation and injuries hitting the squads.

We made the planned 2FT moves from Kane to Ronaldo and Toney to Dennis and enjoyed instant returns up top, if only Antonio got the memo to join the party! The double Chelsea defence has been a killer in recent weeks but Rudiger’s double assists return papers over the cracks there. Dias and Trent brought home a couple of clean sheets and Sa racked up the save points vs City and if it wasn’t for a very fortunate Man City penalty decision and a Jimenez red card, who knows a clean sheet may have been on the cards here aswell.

The midfield went parabolic this week with Silva (GW15 transfer), captain Salah and golden boy Gallagher delivery some juicy returns, and I was very happy to see Jota come on for just the point to help us moving up the rankings in the right direction.

I made some questionable Algo decisions with a couple of data models throwing up some strange choices e.g. Rashford, but I thought what the hell, lets go for it. In hindsight not great. Injuries and Covid postponements made the bench unplayable, Vardy didn’t play and ESR didn’t make it off the bench. The back line and the captaincy kept the score honest, but looking like a couple of hits coming in GW17 to get a starting XI out.

The Diff team also made a couple of switches from Spurs assets (Son & Kane) with the postponement to the Man Utd attack ahead of favourable fixtures. Sancho failed to impress, and the Ronaldo captain choice helped in the Diff’s fight against Salah!

Gallagher benching painful for the Diff team, anticipating a weakened Leicester team for Wilson… wasn’t the case in the end and we missed out on a juicy haul. Issue with the Utd game off now in GW17, more transfers to be made!


Operation target Newcastle continues for the First XI, after his short and succesful time in the team Bilva makes way for Jota. A transfer I’ll probably reverse for the weekend with Man City playing Newcastle in GW18. I just couldn’t risk a Jota hattrick destroying the gains from the last two GWs.

Despite the game being off, I’m going to hold onto Ronaldo… for now, and keep an eye on the Covid situation. Utd play Newcastle in GW19, so no doubt i’ll want him back for that game. The team looks strong enough the Hodl CR7.

Cornet is still around, and I’m looking at moving to Gray as soon as a free transfer allows, probably GW19 Covid permitting. We’re on the edge of a full XI, no panic currently. Clean sheets all round this week please!!

I’ve made some mistakes, but also, we have sooooo many players out of action. I’ve taken a -8, just to try and stop the bleeding and the paaaaaiiin.

  • Rashford to Jota
  • Duffy to James
  • Armstrong to King

Should field a full XI, but ESR still a doubt. Cucurella needs moving on. McCarthy inj. Cancelo SUS. Pinnock’s game called off.

The struggle is real and it’s going to take a few more GWs to re-group the Algorithm team for a second half of the season push.

The Diff team has taken a -4 to move away from the Utd players (brought in last week):

  • Sancho to Bowen
  • Ronaldo to Watkins

What a sad state of a team with these transfers, hopefully it’s a Mane sort of day vs Newcastle. However, Villa and West Ham’s fixtures look ok over the festive period and the back line still looks ok. Silva and Gallagher offer some hope. Wilson and St Max making way over the next couple of weeks.

We keep going, plenty of GWs left for the Diff team to make a surge!!


  • Covid to continue to disrupt the season
  • Target Newcastle every game until they buy a new defence
  • Palace (Gallagher) to carry on where they left off
  • Brighton vs Wolves has 0-0 all over it
  • Chelsea to finally go back to keeping cleansheets

Good luck everyone! And stay safe!


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