Mike’s FanTeam Blog – GW18 – BLANK GW!

With COVID now tearing the PL fixture list apart, we must take Fantasy Football with a pinch of salt its not the be all and end all. I’ll just be happy if somehow, we can have a more normal Christmas this year and if Santa delivers some points while he’s doing the rounds then we can’t really complain about missing out on Antonio blanking against Norwich for the 100th GW in a row. Remember people stay safe and just be careful out there this Christmas!

I left this last minute to check if any other games fall this morning. Made my transfers and as I’m writing this the Villa v Burnley game has now also been called off. Watkins -4 worth it lol!

In my opinion there should have been a circuit break put in place by now across the Football League, but I guess money talks.

The First XI over the last couple of weeks has managed to avoid the carnage and as a result we’ve being flying up the rankings… almost in the money places now! The Algo and Diff teams treading water for yet another GW.

First XI survived the postponements and any potential rotation to field eleven players, ESR in off the bench with a goal was amazing, topped off by the Liverpool trio all returning vs Newcastle, shame about the cleansheet though! Chelsea couldn’t keep a Everton out and if it wasn’t for missing players elsewhere I may have jumped off the double Chelsea defence this week. Antonio unlikely to score again this season. West Ham look like they need a break more than anyone currently.

Algo continues to tread water, managing to get ten players out for the GW but with Cucurella, St Max and Antonio we we’re never expecting a good score this week. The same Liverpool trio and Chelsea double up as the First XI, the postponements will force some very short term moves.

The Diff team brought in Watkins for the haul, but the average score across the rest of the team was just super low. Silva being taken off and not recording a return in a 7-0 win compounding a miserable first half of the season for the Differentials. An early second wildcard when available, with Covid ruining any chance of long-term planning to over haul the team.


So, we left the move up to deadline, took the -4 to field an eleven, Watkins will now not feature. Back to ten. I can imagine I’m not the only one. With not knowing when Utd will play again next, I had too much money tied up in Ronaldo, also allowed me to try and jump on an extra Man City asset for their game vs Newcastle. Hopefully the game is on and Foden is involved. Super short term moves but I think that’s how we’re going to have to play the game until the fixture list looks more stable.

Same issue with the Algo. Watkins plus Man City assets for a -4. Back to ten players and one of those is St Max who has more than out stayed his welcome but there have been other fires to put out every GW and none of the Newcastle games have been called off. Not much more to add. I’m pretty sure will see at least one more game off by the end of the weekend.

Another -4, but we brought in Watkins last week with the Diff team. We brought in a GK and KDB in the hope of fielding eleven players. KDB captain vs Newcastle… could this be the catalyst of a second half season revival from the Differentials? Unfortunately, still sat on double Newcastle attack due to King and Gallagher not being available. All hope, eyes on KDB!!


  • Will we get any games?
  • Can Chelsea finally bag a clean sheet?
  • Pep roulette has even higher stakes than normal with no benches available
  • Cheer up, its almost time for Turkey and lots of food

Good luck everyone! And stay safe!


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