Mike’s FanTeam Blog – GW2 – BIG SCORES ALL ROUND

Now the dust has settled on what was a ridiculously high scoring opening gameweek for the template, it’s been a relatively quiet week with the only real talking points being Bruno vs Salah for the armband and the masses trying to predict the Man City team.

Lukaku could make his debut following his re-signing at Chelsea, Arsenal fans may want to invest in larger sofas to hide behind. Or are we just being a bit unfair there? Speaking of new sofas, mine got delivered yesterday so comfortable… anyway where were we…

Kane was a no show, which we kind of expected and didn’t play in Europe. Still looks doubtful he’ll make any sort of appearance this week.

Like I said, I quiet week after a big bang of a start!

Let’s jump in and see how our three teams faired against each other in GW1!


I have to say at one point during the weekend it looked like the Algo team was going to hand out a serious fantasy football lesson. Especially with my Havertz and ESR picks stinking out the place. Despite this I managed to claw it back and nip ahead. Unfortunately, just shy of that 100-point mark.

The Algorithm’s more questionable picks of Pogba and Richarlison absolutely banged, Pogba with 4 assists and Richarlison with a goal and assist. A Liverpool double clean sheet and goals from Wilson and Ings brought it back for the First XI.

While the First XI and Algorithm were flying high this week, the Differential team got well beaten in comparison. However, I feel there is plenty of fight left in this dog. If the Differential team can maintain 60pt + returns for 38 gameweeks it’ll be up there no doubt. Considering the only thing lacking from the team this week was a Captain haul! I’m never captaining Mane again; it was painful watching him struggle after a relatively strong showing in pre-season.

So, how do the teams stack up for Gameweek 2?


The Captaincy choice is a coin flip this week. I’ve looked at data for Salah at Home v Burnley, Bruno away stats, the state of the opposition, algorithms, the sound advice of NEVER backing the early kick off…. All of it. So, for my first team I did exactly that this week… I flipped a bloody coin! This is the fantasy football insight you come for in this blog!

A few issues I’ve kind of walked into, playing 4-4-2 instead of 3 at the back, Havertz 50/50, ESR/White with the difficult Chelsea fixture this week and Man City next week. Over the planned opening 4-6 GWs I still believe we’ll be in a good place; the team feels a little ropey this week. Regardless i’m rolling the free transfer, so I have options next week if I feel like I’m in a similar spot. I found this was my mistake last season… not enough patience and discipline, too much chasing the upside.

With that in mind the kneejerk moves I considered were:

  • Havertz > Greenwood
  • ESR > Pogba / Greenwood (I have £2m itb)
  • ESR > Sarr

I’m keeping a close eye on the ESR situation with the signing of Odegaard, they could/should play together (fingers crossed). ESR was picked to target the Brentford, Norwich, and Burnley games in the first 5. With the Brentford game being a disaster, I’m holding for potential returns in GW4 and 5. Bad returns from the rest of the team in 3&4 however could force changes.

The landscape could change quickly, and we still have that £2.0m in the bank to rescue any early season problems (especially during and after the international break).

I’ll take a 50 point + score now, maintain a good weekly average to build on. Of course, we’ll hope for much much more and another hattrick from Captain Bruno.

Across the Algorithms I’ve looked at this week, theres an obvious heavy Man City influence on the weeklies. The squad we have however was set up for GW1-6 so we’ll stick with the original plan this week based and keep the free transfer banked again.

While I coin flipped on my First team the Algorithms seem to very very narrowly preferring Bruno, so he gets the armband again.

Toney comes off the bench with Harrison taking his place in the dugout based on fixture difficulty. Webster takes Veltmans spot at the back with the latter still out with Covid. Amartey remains on the bench being flagged as 50/50.

We may have a GK situation developing for the data team; Arsenal have signed Ramsdale from Sheffield Utd and its unclear if he’s back up to Leno or replacing Leno. Our back up GK is Newcastle’s Woodman who himself is deputising until Darlow and Dubravka return. Neither GK looking like great options going forward for the long term. A potential and reluctant transfer here in the next week or two.

A few of the match ups (CRY-BRE | LEE-EVE | SOU-MUN | LIV-BUR) could see a good return again for the Algorithm this week.

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen the Differential team got punished last week! But there are plenty of signs of life in the team especially this week.

No Salah or Bruno for Captaincy here… the prime options look to be Mahrez vs Norwich, Greenwood vs Southampton or one of the Liverpool boys Jota or Mane.

I’m basing the decision on the eye test and what I saw from these players last week. Mahrez didn’t really get into the game last week, does he even start this game? Jota won’t play 90 minutes, and Mane didn’t have any impact against Norwich whatsoever.

Greenwood gets the nod!

No transfer required again; the only change is shuffling out Benrahma to the bench for Bamford. Hoping for a goal or two to celebrate his new five-year deal at the club.

Let me know if there are any differential picks you’d like to see in the team over the coming weeks!

That’s all from me this week. 2 of the 3 teams off to strong solid starts, hopefully we’ll be sitting up in the money spots come the end of GW2. Good Luck everyone!

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