Mike’s FanTeam Blog – GW21 – DOUBLE THE TROUBLE!

So that was Christmas and the was 2021, and 2022 kicks off with yet another round of Premier League fixture. But don’t worry I’m not going to go all Klopp, Tuchel etc on the fixture pile up however the number of postponements has made Fanteam along with FPL unplayable at times we kept going unfortunately despite the First XI pretty much following my FPL team in terms of personal available and hits, with 3 green arrows in 4 GWs. The same unfortunately didn’t apply to Fanteam.

Where I left you way back when in the GW18 preview our First XI was flying up to 5,598th and really looking at breaking into the cash prices. We now find ourselves back in 9,453rd. It’s like we went back in time.

The drop in rankings I’m going to quickly work through my transfers +/-, players available and what I think is the root cause… for the first time this season x3 Captaincy blanks in a row!

What about the Algo and Diff teams I hear your ask?! Strangely they’ve been treading water. With the Alog up from 17,830th to 16,892nd and the Differential team also slight up from 27,344th to 25,745th.

So, I really need to have a deeper look of why the First XI has dropped almost 4k places where the others showed a very small improvement.

The First XI in GW18 took a -4 and had 6 players unavailable. Unfortunately, this was Watkins, with the Villa game called off moments after publishing the blog in GW18 and Foden who missed out after finding out he’d been a naughty boy. None of the bench available (Gallagher, Antonio, Dennis) due to Covid. Cornet & Ronaldo went out, and we’re also unavailable so I lost -4 points with a Salah captaincy blank.

GW19, another -4, Antonio & Salah out for Ronaldo & Son. Ronaldo blanked against Newcastle however Son delivered some points. No GK available so only 10 outfield players (no bench). Salah 0 pts | Antonio 5.4 pts. Compared to 12.7 (-4). The transfers gained 3.3 additional points. Nothing massive here.

GW20, just the one transfer in goals, Sa to Lloris. A long-term switch with the games Spurs has in hand. Only 10 players available again. Sa didn’t play so a +2.5 points on the transfer. Unfortunately, Salah FOMO got to me, and I picked Trent as Captain, this was only because of how bad Utd were at Newcastle I could face another blank from Ronaldo, who proceeded to haul. Still owned him, not enough to bring a green arrow.

None of the above moves seemed crazy, I only took a -8 across the three gameweeks, all returning more points than if I left it and did nothing. The Captaincy blanks however have killed me week on week. My captaincy choices were led by the Algo choices and they moved up in rank. Perhaps being too basic with my captaincy choice, while others used the opportunity to put the armband on the likes of Cancelo, Son and Ronaldo (vs Burnley) was where I lost out.

Either way I don’t think the points gap is that big, especially if we look down to the Algo team, 58 points is the difference. You would argue 58 points the other way puts us back up there. With half a season left, and a few re-arranged fixtures to come plenty of time to move back in the right direction.


  • I got on the double Chelsea Defence too late and then held on for too long
  • Held Antonio for way too long
  • I got sucked back into Pep roulette
  • Kept a relatively strong bench throughout that has helped in recent weeks limiting the damage to -4’s and not -8’s
  • It turns out that without Salah, I’m crap at picking a Captain

As if the last couple of weeks haven’t been chaotic enough, we get our first double GW to target, and me concluding that the enforced hits didn’t do too much damage to my rank and captaincy is all to blame. I’ve gone all in this week to try and make something happen!


I know, I know, hits are bad in Fanteam. BUT! It’s a double GW and I’m not hiding behind my Salah sofa this week. The three main players from that West Ham team are coming in. ESR has been great, but minutes have reduced, and Arsenal have a blank GW coming up so time to move him on for Bowen. Antonio is back! I got Watkins in, and I don’t think he’s played since due to Covid postponements, and against Norwich especially I don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of a haul. Coufal is a nice cheap replacement for James, money in the back and hopefully some returns.

The rest of the team picks itself; I’ve backed Liverpool over Chelsea this week. Dennis is in just in case Spurs leak a couple of goals.

I’ve changes the captaincy multiple times and I’ve gone for Bowen. It’s a coin flip the data only just has Antonio ahead. I just don’t know… as long as he outscores Antonio over two games hopefully we’ll be ok!

The Algo has played a blinder by benching Antonio all these weeks. St Max to Bowen is the easiest free transfer I think in the history of Fantasy football. Similar line-up to the First XI these days with just a few different players but from the same teams. James & ESR out next week.

I forgot to change the Son captaincy on the Algo team before deadline! Balls! Nevermind! Son could easily still bag a haul and was number 1 captaincy choice before the double was announced. Maybe it was meant to be!!!

A -4 for the Diff team, I tried to be too clever with a Firmino punt last week, KDB has looked great its just the rest of the team haven’t been able to chip in. Too many players playing each other this week. BUT at least I remembered to change the captaincy to Antonio on this one!


  • Choose the opposite West Ham player to me to Captain
  • I need to see Everton assets this week ahead of Norwich in GW22
  • Whisper it quietly, Conte seems to have gotten Spurs shit together
  • Ronaldo at Home, is a different beast to Ronaldo Away

Good luck everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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