Mike’s FanTeam Blog – GW22 – IT’S BEEN 84 YEARS…

GW21 is finally over! The GW was soooo long I actually forgot about Fantasy Football completely. It was a weird limbo. Especially as the Christmas calendar had a GW every other day and games getting called off, left and right it went from one extreme to the other.

Injuries, covid and postponement continue to remove any sorted of rational planning, and we have yet another DGW (although Leicester v Burnley is already off). I’m sure there will be more post deadline chaos!

First XI made up some of the lost ground after the DGW finally delivered our first captain return for 4 GWs. The Algo moved up a few hundred players but it should have been more, having accidently left the captaincy on Son, as I was writing the blog up to deadline, I didn’t realise the deadline had passed!! DO’H! Missed opportunity due to human error, the irony… We don’t take about the Diff team anymore… trash!

We took a -8 to get in triple West Ham and despite losing the CS in the 1st game and getting Covid in between his return’s vs Norwich was a welcome surprise. Bowen vs Antonio was the Captaincy call and luckily, we ended up on the right side of what was a pretty 50/50 call. Ronaldo is a frustrating own, one minute he bangs the next minute he’s no where to been seen. Son return (now injured) and Lloris helped top up the score.

Having made the captaincy error with the Algo we kind of got away with it with a Son return. However, the error cost us around 20 points. Not much else to report from the rest of the team with the GK our third highest points scorer in GW21. Treading water… lots of flags for the Algo in GW22 has me considering Wildcarding the team. I don’t think I have enough time to do it justice this week and will be too heavily loaded for this week’s DGW players.

So, the Diff went with Antonio captain and suffered for it. Son and Silva tried to help but a low score considering the average was quite high, not a week for the defence. GW22 looks tough with Son out and Man City vs Chelsea. Early wildcard an option again this week. Willing to roll into the double GW with this team to try and make a push and could switch to similar team that I’ve just created for the Second Chance game starting this week.


Finally, a GW where major changes aren’t required, and I can avoid and thinking of taking a hit. Son out unfortunately so I’m going to play a game… operation target Norwich. Gray comes in with a good fixture and Everton have a few games to catch up on long term. Newcastle and Leeds in the next 4 aswell. 6.2m in the bank ready for the return of Salah in a couple of weeks lol!

DGW captaincy goes to Dennis with him appearing to be the fitter of him and Ronaldo. Both carry knocks in recent weeks. Just the four DGW players but the West Ham triple up and Liverpool double up still looks solid enough. Strong bench, Foden to be moved on next week perhaps.

I’ve held off on the WC on the Algo for this week at least, I don’t want to be pushed into too many DGW players this week with the team and not set up for the weeks ahead. Same issue as the other teams… I need a Son replacement. James and McCarthy still stinking the place out, and we’re on King over Dennis due to King being Analytics FC from a few weeks back. I need to look at the Algorithm Allstars TOTW a little later today before finalising the Son transfer and captaincy. But note they will change before we get to the deadline.

Had to hit an early Wildcard on the Diff team to give it any chance of making up ground. But… not as many differentials in the team as previously. Probably took it too far in the first half of the season so I’ve brought in a solid base with Fernandes, Kane and De Gea being my main differences in the XI, but in keeping with the theme Countinho and Digne come in on the bench before the hype. 5 DGW players and a strong single GW line up in-line with the First XI.

This team is also my SECOND CHANCE TEAM! (minus the bench)I’m just going to roll the dice with this, it’s a free entry and I want to get off to a fast start (we hope!) and its an easy way of keeping the admin down by aligning my teams.

Let me know what you think!


  • Dennis to Menace, King to take his throne?
  • When was the last time Everton actually played? (last week, but you know what I mean)
  • West Ham to continue to deliver attacking returns vs a weak Leeds team
  • No Salah? No problem?

Good luck everyone!


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