SIIIIIIIUUUUUUUU! I can still hear it, echoing through the streets. It was written. Especially when the third choice Newcastle GK obviously had Ronaldo as his captain this week, no other excuse right? RIGHT?!

It was another week where it didn’t matter what premium asset you owned; returns were there for all. Ronaldo, Lukaku, Salah and Trent all coming up Milhouse.

However, it wouldn’t be Fantasy Football without a few spanners thrown in. Antonio picking up a red card in a lacklustre West Ham performance (compared to recent weeks anyway), and then the big one for a lot of us DCL pictured in training, but not making the matchday squad against Burnley. This is making Bamford so hot right now (annoyingly), as DCL was always a placeholder for me for this GW, but everyone else will be making this move now aswell.

We also saw the first signs of some rotation at Chelsea ahead of the Champions League starting, one to keep an eye on especially as a lot of us are looking at triple Chelsea from GW7. We may end up with a few absentees along the way.

Despite the fast start to the Premier League, the English teams struggled a little bit Utd getting beaten by some young lads from Switzerland, Liverpool leaking goals with VVD being rested, Chelsea just about getting over the line at home to the Russians. Man City were the most comfortable and the return of KDB, adds yet ANOTHER premium asset we may need to start considering moving forward.

A lot to digest as we move into GW5 and how the introduction of European football will affect some of our picks. I’m also not buying into the Demari Gary hype… flash in the pan… surely?

Let’s have a look how GW4 went down for our FIRST XI | DIFFERENTIAL | ALGORITHM teams

The First XI continues to dominate currently posting an impressive 75.8 pts following the wildcard last week. It also catapulted the team up 6,000 places in the rankings. The Differential team suffered following a captaincy blank from Harry Kane (Spurs were awful!). The Algo bounced back as expected and was super unlucky not to pick up more points with the early withdrawal of Webster. Some work to do back in 28k/29k respectively.

There is always a danger of a Wildcard falling flat on its face. I decided to move early on the GW7 wildcarders to attack the standings. A 6k bounce from 15k to 9k justified pulling the trigger and the team looks more than capable over the coming weeks. We did need a little luck, however.

The absence of both Mount and DCL meant that Semedo took the glory in pushing us over the 70pt mark, completing an impressive return across the backline.

Ronaldo captaincy was spot on, and if Mane could learn how to finish Jota could have propelled the team even higher. The West Ham boys were poor, they’ll bounce back with some nice fixtures after Utd and a win in the Europa League it’s like the Southampton game never happened. A nice weekly average being maintained.

The Differential team struggled with some of its big hitters in recent weeks Mahrez and DCL going missing in action. Leeds were poor, but hopefully with Newcastle up next they can live up to the hype. Mane Mane Mane, should of, could of, had a hattrick, while Kane’s blank against Palace was made worse by the overall poor performance from Spurs (even before the sending off).

Rudiger and Cancelo are absolute monsters, every week they pick up something. My only concern is as the Champions League ramps up, they’re open for rotation. The rotation risk is increasing week by week on the diff team. We’ll keep and eye on it, the Wildcard is still there for this team if and when we need it.

The Algo teams had another rough week. Not this one though. Bouncing back from a predicted difficult GW3, GW4 saw a big jump, even without the big hitters of Lukaku and Ronaldo. Despite the impressive score it was only enough to shift up 2,000 places in the rankings, barely creeping back into the top 30k.

Salah, Bruno, Pogba and Trent continue to deliver for the algorithm, and the decision to double up on the Arsenal GK situation to cover the rotation threat worked a treat with Ramsdale coming in and picking up 6.8pts.

Unfortunately, Richarlison couldn’t fill the DCL whole in the Everton attack and not a good day for the Leeds and West Ham attacks. We missed out on the Webster clean sheet as he left the pitch early with Duffy causally sitting on the bench, this would have been enough to tip us in the 70pt + scores. Maybe next week!


Strange one this week as big at the back seems to look the way to go. Antonio suspended and a tricky tie against a wounded Utd team see the West Ham attack given the weekend off. Trent, Shaw, Semedo and Duffy have all been offering a threat in attack so far this season could see the back five bring the bacon home this week.

In midfield, despite Palace’s impressive display vs a woeful Spurs, I still feel Liverpool could go to town on what is a new team bedding in for Vieira. Salah takes the armband, and I can see a haul coming. Mount is a rotation risk having been rested last week and playing in the UCL midweek. We could yet see Benny come back in. If Mount does play, if Spurs are pedestrian as last week, I sniff more points here.

My transfer this week, was pre-planned as I highlighted last week DCL to Bamford (he’s soooo hot right now!). Unfortunately, my planned move is going to be piggy backed by DCL and Antonio owners so he’ll lose what would have been a nice differential to have.

I was originally looking at a defence transfer this week, but with the return of Bertrand and March getting on in the Brighton game, I’m going to hold fire. I mentioned last week DCL didn’t feel Differential enough for the team and his injury has forced my hand probably a week early. With Antonio suspended, and Bamford being hot right now. There wasn’t much to pick from at this price point. Its too early to jump on Edouard with Palace’s awful fixture run so Richarlison seemed like a “fun” option.

Kane’s form is concerning, Mahrez, Cancelo, Greenwood, Rudiger and now even Harrison (with the introduction of Dan James), could all face limited minutes. We’ll have to consider a possible wildcard after a few more weeks of information to go off.

Mane is my captain (we came back to him, I know!) so I fully expect a blank, but his underlying stats can’t be ignored, alongside a nice home fixture, I don’t see any other standout candidates in the team this week for the armband.

The Algo team looks nicely balanced again this week. One change made as to not waste the transfer, Webster is replaced by Semedo who’s underlying stats and heatmaps puts him in the very lively category. Wolves also have a nice fixture run and the Algo doesn’t chase last weeks points (Marcel).

Salah again tops the Captaincy matrix. Not much else to add. The plan is still to rerun the Algorithm for a GW7 wildcard.


All my teams have Bamford, so were really relying on Newcastle continuing to be dreadful at the back and Leeds to find their shooting boots. We’re also relying on a return from the Liverpool attack with Salah and Mane sharing the captaincy this week.

I’m quietly expecting a strong return this week, barring injuries or rotation following the first round of European fixtures this week. Good Luck everyone, see you on the other side!

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