It’s felt like an absolute age this week. GW5 was a struggle to even get XI players out in the end as we were hit with unannounced injuries, injuries we were told about and sweating over, and illness sweeping across popular (and unpopular in Harrison’s case) fantasy assets. With everything that unfolded the scores weren’t THAT bad in the end.

We’re going straight in this week… no fluff…

The First XI maintained its healthy lead on the chasing pack, and moved up a couple of hundred places in the rankings, meanwhile the Algorithm continues with its resurgence, now just nudging ahead of the Differential team as it continues to struggle with rotation risks and a non-existent Harry Kane.

So much frustration, but a solid score to keep the momentum going in the right direction. The forced benching of Antonio was the tip of the iceberg (we at least knew this was the case), Trent followed with illness, Jota and Mount continue to flatter to decieve, while Wolves were all bark and no bite.

The rest of the team provided some decent returns goals from Benny and Ron, Bamford and Duffy chipping in with an assist a piece. Ben White continues to make amends for his early season absence and Salah is just the absolute king of fantasy premier league with a monster Captaincy haul. The season average ticks up slightly and the team is ready to go again (with one exception!!).

The Algorithm also benefited from a Captain Salah haul, and the Arsenal GK rotation brought about yet another clean sheet at the back. The rest of the defence, not so hot. Forgotten man Toney with the double-digit haul while the West Ham boys came in for Harrison (Covid), Trent (illness) and then there is Richarlison, who is apparently injured, thanks for the heads up Rafa! Meant we exhausted our options from the bench and ended up with only 10 players taking to the field. Despite this a very respectable score and the highest from the three teams this GW.

The Differential team came in with another 60+ score, missing out on the Salah haul, Mane did offer some captaincy points to ease the pain. Rudiger and Cancelo continue YET AGAIN to return points after points. Surely one of them gives when Chelsea face Man City this week. That is if they survived the Wildcard. Outside of this Kane continues to look uninterested. Arsenal up next… will he find his shooting boots for that one?


1FT played, I was hoping to keep it and roll so I could make the Shaw/Ronaldo > Rudiger/Lukaku move next week without a -4. I’m not quite sure if I will take the hit next week, I may just make the one switch as I’m trying not to take -4’s this season. But needs must.

The injury to Bamford threw a spanner in the works especially with DCL, Richarlison and Wilson all missing and the Villa boys facing difficult fixtures I’ve decided to downgrade to Dennis for a short-term fix vs a woeful Newcastle defence and a Leeds team who currently don’t have a lot of players to choose from. Seemed like a nice cheeky punt for 2-3 weeks.

Talking of punts (kind of), and Leeds missing a few players, it’s drawn me to a fresh and rested Antonio for my captain choice this week. I’ve been burnt on the early kick off before so I will reluctantly watch behind the sofa as EO potentially destroys me on a every return Ronaldo may get. We still don’t really know where Brentford are so far, they’ve been great defensively and have more potential to shut out Liverpool than what I’ve seen from Leeds so far. The team still feels nicely settled post wildcard two weeks ago.

Two free transfers to burn ahead of next weeks Algo Wildcard, so I ran the numbers, Antonio and Sarr are predicted to score a few points! Lovely! In they come. Stricken by Bamford again, but I felt with these two transfers the starting XI looked strong enough, so no major surgery required. Captaincy currently on Salah, I’ll double check the Captaincy Matrix’s on Friday and move if required.

I’ve played the wildcard on the differential team, its kind of forced, I would of liked a week or so more but there are too many issues to deal with and it needed freshening up.

Overview of the issues it was facing:

  • Not expected to start – Woodman, Amartey, Richarlison, Bamford
  • 50/50 – Bertrand, March, Mahrez, Harrison
  • Rotation Risks – Cancelo, Greenwood
  • Out of form – Kane

Down to the bare bones I think you’ll agree. I’ve also realised how difficult it was picking a squad of differentials once you know how the form and fixtures have panned out to date. I think I’ve definitely covered the Differential element in this one (bar Rudiger, but I had him first, you all jumped on the bandwagon!)

I don’t hate it; I look forward to a monster haul as St Max and Dennis score hattricks each. Mane retains the captaincy, but I may go wild and change to Dennis last minute, because, why not that’s what this team is all about. Oh… and Zaha has returned, ready to break my heart once again.

Bit of a rush to get this one out this week, apologies for sprinting through, good luck everyone! See you on the other side!


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