Mike’s FanTeam Blog – GW8 – IT’S BEEN 80 YEARS…

It’s felt like an absolute age since I looked at my teams and I didn’t even want to look at them during GW7, so it’s felt even longer! I still can’t believe Lukaku didn’t score…

Anyway, the international break has meant coming back in with fresh eyes. Looking at the teams there really wasn’t a lot of movement. They all score about the same, they’re all still around the same ranks. It really is like GW7 never happened.

The First XI team is still the only team realistically at the moment can get up to the money, its all still very compact. Hopefully GW8 can reinvigorate, and kick start the teams.

There wasn’t a lot of points missed out from the bench, the move that would’ve moved us up the rankings would have been to keep the armband on Salah, but that’s just hindsight. Lukaku was still the best pick. Not much else to report on. The Dennis punt for Bamford hasn’t really worked out, so we’ll be moving him on next week (we have another move planned for GW8), and it’ll be the most boring move ever! (Toney lol!). Hopefully the break means Mount starts picking up the minutes and the returns again moving forward.

The Algo kept pace with similar results across the board and an even bigger captaincy fail with Chris Wood not even completing the 90 mins! Burnley should/could have had a penalty which could have changed the outcome for the Algo. We’ve been flirting with it the last two weeks, but the Wildcard button has finally been activated for GW8.

The Diff team Wildcarded in GW6 and after an initial solid start, GW7 put the boot in. Nothing of note other than another Vardy & Mane return, maybe the main men to push the diff team on in the coming weeks.


For the first time in weeks there isn’t a “reaction” transfer that needs to be made, Trent & Jota should make it, but nevertheless there are playing options coming off the bench. This means we’re able to make the planned move to bring in a Man City asset as their fixtures start getting more tempting to jump on. Unfortunately, Pep Roulette is still very much a thing, so we’ve gone for the “safe” option.



The Rudiger injury is a bit of a spanner in the works, but we’ll keep him for now in the hope he’s back for GW9 and then we’ll reassess.

We still have £3.4m in the bank so plenty of flexibility, Dennis upgrade required for next week barring any major issues. It’ll take a brave player to go against the Salah captaincy. I am not that brave player. Big score this week please!


We originally set the Algorithm team for 5-6 GWs and we got to 7, but the team is so far behind the pack it was time to finally freshen things up. The Algo team was always a wait and see, getting better over time with more data available.

A couple of things I told the Algo to ignore. Spurs & Fernandes.

I try not to get too involved in the algorithm, but it really wanted double Spurs (Kane & Son) alongside Fernandes, leaving me with Newcastle assets in the backline. I couldn’t come to terms with those choices. It also was refusing to pick any Man City players. Making this couple of “rules” what came back felt a lot more balanced / comfortable.

  • Southampton & Brentford assets to support a great upcoming fixture run
  • Chelsea & Man City double up in-line with what we’ve seen and are predicting to see
  • Liverpool seem fixture proof (well Salah) and Trent is a must
  • With the supporting cast making good use of the budget, Pogba hasn’t disappointed at his price point, Zaha has started the season well and fixture look set for that to continue, where Duffy has been a threat in attack and continues to provide a consistent source of points
  • There is little rotation risk in the squad
  • The squad is filled with playing staff, not benchwarmers

I’m expecting this Algo team to really start pushing on for the next few weeks and start making up some ground. Salah is the captaincy choice across all the matrix and models, and I’m certainly not arguing with that.

Let me know if I was wrong to insist on going against the Spurs double up here…

A bit like the First XI the back four looks strong. The differences being VVD instead of TAA, Cancelo over Dias. The injury to Rudiger makes the team a little fine on the ground this week due to the fixture clashes on the bench. Hopefully Fornals can pop up with something to help the team out.

No Salah means Mane picks the armband up again.

The only issue for this week is the Palace / Arsenal clash we’ve just got to hope for Zaha and Auba to get a hattrick each. Vardy has found some form and Man Utd will be without Maguire at the back so an opportunity for some more points from him. I’ve decided to keep the tansfer and roll for next week.

Again, a full playing squad but not a good group of fixtures for this week, I think the Diff team falls further behind unless Mane outscores Salah.


  • Brentford players – Target these transfer for GW9
  • Salah Captaincy – Good record vs Watford (despite the early KO)
  • Man City – Defence – Burnley couldn’t score vs Norwich – less rotation risk
  • Southampton – Time to see if the hype on the fixture swing is real
  • GW8 can’t be any worse than GW7… right?
  • I think the Arsenal v Palace game this week could be a lot of fun!


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