Mike’s FanTeam Blog – PRE-SEASON #1 – AND SO IT BEGINS…

The Premier League 2021/22 season is almost upon us, and the Fanteam million £ game is back!

After sleeping on my team for half a season in 20/21 and failing to save my season with a cash finish ☹ I bounced back with a relatively successful EURO 2020 campaign which means we’re playing this season for FREE!

I’m super excited to be back, blogging this season from the beginning this time and I’m chomping at the bit to get going and launch my title bid and pick up that cheque for £200k at the end of the season. We shoot for the stars at this point! We’re going to WIN IT!

Firstly big congrats to the man who managed to achieve this last season ‘CheckJosh’ (Josh Woolridge) – That’s truly some wife changing money 😉


This season there will be a slight change to my approach to the blog as I’ll be running multiple teams across the season long game. I wanted to approach the game from a few different angles.



Exactly as it says on the tin, my team, my decisions, my punts, some people may call it “the template” over the season. But you heard it here first… I am the template!


There is so much data out there, so many algorithms to optimise team performance. Obviously, I use this information for “my team” to help me make decisions but I don’t always follow this by the letter. Gut feelings, punts, doubt and the eye test are all human qualities that make our teams our own.

This team will follow as closely to the algorithm data as possible. I won’t interfere if I disagree with it, I’ll do as the AI tells me. I am at its mercy.

I really want to run this experiment to see if this approach can make you money in Fanteam!!


Finally there is my differential team. I did this in the EURO game because Fantasy sports should also be fun, this team will be free from the shackles of EO, Fixtures vs Form, and Pep Roulette.

This team will go against the grain and follow the hype train… Dele Alli. Yes. Pepe. Yes please! Danny Welbeck. GET IN THE VAN!

By putting the differential picks in one team, I’m hoping this will flush out any urges to go rogue in “my team” and keep my eyes on the prize.

it’ll be interesting how a team with such a carefree “casual” attitude will perform against my try hard teams. They say you need some luck to win! I’m going to have to be the luckiest kid in toytown for this team to fly!


Some admin to get through. Fanteam have changed a couple of things in the scoring system.

  • Team wins when your player is on the pitch has changed from +1pt –> +0.3pt
  • Team loss when your player is on the pitch has changed from –1pt –> -0.3pt
  • Shots on Target will now be rewarded as follows:
    • +0.4pt Forward
    • +0.4pt Midfielder
    • +0.6pt Defender
    • +1pt Goalkeeper

To be in the money this season you need to finish in the TOP 5,000.

With the following prize pots guaranteed at the top of the tree.

The top 10 payout is a minimum of £10,000

The top 100 payout is a minimum of £1000

The top 500 will receive a minimum payout of £100


Now that we’ve re-introduced ourselves, covered some house rules and gone through the admin. I’ll be following up over the next couple of weeks in the build up to the new season looking at:

  • Shots on Target / Impact point changes and how this would have looked last season across some of the popular picks
  • Some of the top picks / player rotations
  • Out of Position Players / Differentials
  • Squad Builders for my 3 teams

It’s great to be back, feel free to reach out to me on anything Fanteam, FPL or Football related on Twitter @FPL_Harriers I’m always up for a chat!

Let me how are you approaching Fanteam this season? Heart, Head, or a bit of Fun?

Thanks for reading! Likes, Comments & Retweets all appreciated.