Wow wow wow! Just as we predicted, those who “locked” their fantasy teams in early are well and truly mudded. There has been quite a bit going on in the transfer market.

Grealish has completed a move to City, Kane is on strike in a bid to join him in the hunt for trophies.

Villa are already spending the money adding Leon Bailey and Danny Ings to there attacking ranks.

Chelsea seems desperate to get Lukaku back as there bid for Haaland has well and truly ground to a halt, which should open the door for that Tammy move some of us are waiting for. Then last night there was a shocking leg break for a potential £4.5m enabler in Fofana (Get well soon! A speedy recovery from all of us here at DTT!). Absolutely gutted for the lad.

Have I missed anything? Oh wait. Messi has literally left Barca as I write.

Let me know if there is anyone else on the move in the comments!


We’re well and truly deep in the rabbit hole of reviewing last season’s stats ahead of our squad builder, as I briefly touched upon in the previous blog, Fanteam have made some adjustments to the scoring system for the upcoming season. A quick reminder of what these are:

  • Team wins when your player is on the pitch has changed from +1pt –> +0.3pt
  • Team loss when your player is on the pitch has changed from –1pt –> -0.3pt
  • Shots on Target will now be rewarded as follows:
    • +0.4pt Forward
    • +0.4pt Midfielder
    • +0.6pt Defender
    • +1pt Goalkeeper

The focus of these changes was to put more emphasis on rewarding individual performances over team performances, especially with there being no Bonus Points in Fanteam compared to FPL this feels like a nice addition to the game. In particular, the Shots on Target rule, it adds a new layer of thinking when considering those close calls between choosing players. It was also fun in the EUROs game celebrating every SoT!

So, I’ve been trolling through the Opta Stats for SoT and I wanted to know how much of a difference the total points scored would be against some of the popular and well performing picks if these rules applied last season.

We’ll start with the shot kings themselves, the Strikers!

Quickly onto some Midfielders

And finally, a few Defenders!

I didn’t really know what to expect, I suppose the obvious conclusion is the Strikers faired better as its…. well… there job to shoot at goal. However, when moving down into Midfielders there seemed to be little movement in points scored when combined with the changes to the impact points scoring. They sort of cancelled each other out.

When we get down to defenders, most actually lose points, the loss of impact points and the low shot volumes make them in general worse off. There seems to be one noticeable improvement though, namely Lewis Dunk, but this doesn’t appear to be solely driven by more SoT (matched with Trent here), but the fact that Brighton won less games and Dunk wasn’t as badly affected by losing 0.7pts from being on the winning team as often. Which was not an outcome I’d really considered. I kind of blindly went into this focusing purely on shots.

Having said all this like with anything in Fantasy, we wouldn’t be expecting to HODL the same players all season. As the season kicks off, we’ll get more data on the teams that concede the most shots and the players taking the most shots and as always, we’ll be looking to move players in and out to target this information get the most out our precious free transfers over the season.

I hope this provides some insight into the scoring changes ahead of the season game kicking off. It’s definitely an interesting side note to team selection for sure.

Coming up in the next couple of days, I’ll be looking into some potential key player rotations regarding fixtures. Along with some Out of Position Players and Differentials worth keeping a close eye on. Who knows what the landscape will look like by then with teams getting there business done ahead of kick off.

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