SkyFF 2021/2022

Hi everyone , I’m super pleased that the Dreamteam Tonic have invited me to write again for the Sky FF section. This will be my second season , my target last season was top 1000 , unfortunately I fell just outside at 1100 and something , so hoping for better this year – but who knows that finish could’ve have been a one off !!!

This post will be more about how I will be preparing for the new season , what will be on my radar , what I’ll be avoiding and how I intend on planning for the season . I’ll try to share my thinking on what teams/players I will be targeting for game weeks 1 to 3 only , they’re is no benefit in planning beyond that as we go into overhaul in game week 4.


So the obvious place to start is looking at the fixture with TV games confirmed , making sure you have the single game days covered , personally I think with it just being 3 game weeks and the beginnings of the season , I would absolutely be picking players to ensure every game day has a captaincy .

Fixtures I’m looking at targeting for Captains.

Gameweek 1

Friday 13th August: Brentford v Arsenal

Saturday 14th August: Man U v Leeds , Norwich v Liverpool , Watford v Villa

Sunday 15th August: Newcastle v West Ham , Spurs v Man City

Gameweek 2

Saturday 21st August: Liverpool v Burnley , Man City v Norwich , Villa v Newcastle

Sunday 22nd August: Soton v Man U , Wolves v Spurs

Monday 23rd August: West Ham v Leicester

Gameweek 3

Saturday 28th August: West Ham v Palace , Villa v Brentford , Norwich v Leicester.

Sunday 29th August: Wolves v Man U , Spurs V Watford.


The only other team I have not mentioned above whom I am considering players from is Brighton , they have two nice fixtures to begin with and a difficult third against Everton although they would be at home, however their are better captain choices in my opinion from the selection pool I have outlined above.

Teams and Players

Being it is only 3 game weeks , I will be looking to not use any transfers if possible until overhaul , last season was a lesson learnt in that you can never ever have too many going into the last weeks of the season. So irrespective of fixture layout or opportunities , I’ll be picking an eleven that hopefully see’s me through to overhaul.

Brentford: I’ll be selecting a Brentford asset for Captain on the Friday,Brentford I believe have a better run of 3 fixtures than Arsenal, it is likely I’ll pick Mbeumo, at 7.2m his a good budget for a midfielder and does not take a coveted attacking spot whereby I already have 4 players in mind for only 3 slots. So on that Basis Toney loses out, so I’m going slightly against the crowd.

Man U: For Saturday I’ll be picking a Man U asset , likely to be Bruno assuming he starts, possibly Henderson in goal along with Sancho. With Sancho my thinking is more likely to wait and see until overhaul. If Bruno does not start then onto a Liverpool or Villa asset , likely to be Salah , Grealish or Watkins .

West Ham / Spurs: Obvious pick is a West Ham asset , seeing the line ups and they have a single game in GW2 , I’m leaning towards Antonio, however Coufal , Cresswell , Fornals and Bowen are all good choices also. Here is my dilemma , no-one seems to be talking Spurs , new manager first home game of the season with fans in the stadium against the Champions – surely they will be up for it , hence I’m looking at Son not necessarily for GW1 , but GW2 and GW3 he could explode against Wolves (Nuno facing his old team) and newly promoted Watford. This is why I will be having a Spurs asset in my 11 and most likely a West Ham asset.

Liverpool: For GW2 has to be Salah, TAA or Robertson the only Pool assets I’m considering , Anfield with fans back with Liverpool a point to prove , I feel for Burnley in this game, Salah is my first name on the team sheet backed up with a defender, its possible that Salah could also be Capt for GW1 also.

GW2 Sunday and Monday will be from Man U , Spurs and West Ham players mentioned above.

Villa: I’ll be looking at two or three Villa assets , they have a nice run of three fixtures , then going into GW3 playing Brentford at home a potential Capt pick, I say potential as I would have had two game weeks to assess Brentford to see how they are performing before this game. I’ll be considering either Martinez in goal or Mings, most likely Grealish and possibly Watkins if he does not give way to Son.

GW3 Again choice between Man U and Spurs , for me Son really seems a standout for GW2 and GW3 fixtures.

My starting Eleven ( more like a 11 from 14 currently)

I’ll be looking to pick what I feel would be 100% starters , I am worried about any English players returning from the Euro’s and as such only have Grealish as a potential pick , he didn’t play too many minutes and I think he has come back with a point to prove, he may not make my eleven though if it becomes apparent their is going to be a transfer saga that plays out in the media before GW1 kick off. Other worries for are the City 11 , how will they start (last season they were slow off the blocks) and who starts ! They have 1 good fixture inbetween two difficult ones, my only consideration really from MCY is Zinchenko or Torres , Torres however is a high risk will he start even after a good showing at the Euro’s. For Brighton again I like there fixtures, Dunk would be my first choice he was a big points hauler for me last season , however Webster looks like he could be a good enabler.

My Starting 11 ( some budgets movements likely)

GK: Henderson / Martinez (same price !!)

Defenders: Robertson , Webster (enabler) , Zinchenko , Mings or Doherty (Doherty may be a better option for passing bonus and attacking returns ).

Midfielders: Bruno , Grealish , Mbuemo

Attack: Salah , Son / Watkins , Antonio

Next Update.

I’ll be keeping an eye on transfer news , pre-season friendlies over the next week , also no doubt with the podcasts starting , twitter frenzy and what’s app group all chipping in with new information and opinion , my starting eleven could look very different again within a week.

Please follow me on twitter @scheek , this season I will be playing FPL , SDT and TFF for the first ever time along with SkyFF so I’ll share progress on twitter if I can keep up with all the teams and formats , could well bin some off after the first few game weeks .