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It’s Thursday evening here in NY and we are heading into GW2 , first and foremost if you are reading this GO SET YOUR CAPTAINS NOW ……. how frustrating from Sky that they have taken away our ability to pre set captains in advance of the GW , I’m sure / I hope they revert back to the previous way, otherwise I can see some missed Captain pick stories unfolding on Twitter each week , and maybe on the odd podcast…..’Suj’ !!!!

Gameweek 1 , well if you did not have Bruno ,sorry , but likely you would have had Salah so phew ….. after that 3rd goal the immense relief of Salah scoring and a assist was so needed , add to that to a feast of goals elsewhere and well its was a points bonanza for most , if you didn’t score big , do not worry its week 1 , do not panic transfer , we only have 2 game-weeks to overhaul and long season ahead of us, try if you can resist the urge to jump into the transfer market.

My Teams

Brit in NY2 Brit in NY

My main team came in with a healthy 124 points , Salah captain Saturday , Antonio Sunday. Team 2 no Salah , so Mane captain Saturday and Dias Sunday , just through 1 player and captain choices nearly a 40 point swing. This immediately shows me the value of picking the right captain each week, not that Dias was a bad choice but no clean sheet , no passing bonus so only 4 points , had I been brave enough Benrahma was the right choice and would have secured me 9 more points overall. My main team pretty much performed well in most areas except defence with only Soyuncu getting my only clean sheet. I’m slightly kicking myself with a last minute change of switching Schmeichel out for Martinez, I had planned on keeping 0.1 in the bank for a potential switch of Salah to Kane this Saturday , then had a change of heart and I now plan on getting to overhaul with 40 transfer in hand if possible. With so much transfer speculation and the Kane saga rolling on , the international break will finally tell us whom is playing for whom….

So once we get to overhaul , the decision will be that front three … with Lukaku , Kane and Salah likely to be very popular , the need for budget choices to also fit in Bruno , KDB , TAA , VVD and Dias will be the big discussion points, personally I think this is where transfers are going to become so important, it will not be just 2 for 1’s and 3 for 1’s , for me it might be rotating premium picks according to ease of fixtures , premiums playing different days for captain picks, home advantage , European progression and of course form. This is great for the game as I’m sure their will be a greta deal many more picks as well as some key differentials to be different to the pack.

Going into GW2 for Saturday easy choice to make for Captain , has to be Salah for my team 1 , for team 2 its Mane ,Mane has a decent record against Burnley so at this point I’m leaning to him rather than Jota or an MCY asset , for Sunday it will be Bruno in both, Monday its a tougher call, I really favour home advantage for this GW as it feels like it is more advantageous because crowds have been missing for too long so its likely to be both West Ham assets for both my teams.

Thanks again , and if you read this please like and comment. Follow me on twitter @scheek , this season I will be playing FPL , SDT and TFF for the first ever time along with SkyFF so I’ll share progress on twitter if I can keep up with all the teams and formats. On that it was very pleasing to see me top of the leaderboard with 123pts for GW1 in SDT, not sure if I’ll maintain that but it was really enjoyable, FPL had a healthy 103pts which is apparently pretty good and TFF – well lets just say that already is maybe taking a back seat in terms of my interest.

It’s a short blog this week , hope you enjoyed , don’t forget to set those Captains and good luck of course .

Steve Brit in NY