Steve’s Sky FF GW10 …. sorry its been a while !

Good evening from NY , good morning back in the UK. Finally the international break is over and we can look forward to some Premier League football, I don’t know about everyone else but this break seemed to go on even longer. Apologies also for the lack of content for the last couple of weeks , I decided to take a last minute break to find some summer sun , so the laptop was left at home , no work no football , just cocktails and some much needed R&R. Obviously well timed also, right in the middle of the IB so not too much missed.

Heres the current status on my two teams , both suffering a decline in the last couple of weeks , hopefully things will begin to improve from now.

Brit in NY Brit in NY2

My main team has now slipped to rank #3800, its pretty well set for a sustained period now and I will talk through shortly the plans for the upcoming game weeks. Currently 6 transfers used , 4 of those were to correct problems with injuries, 1 was moving Torres out, a punt that didn’t work out, but I’m glad I removed early now it has emerged about his recent injury woe. The news today that Rudiger is out is typical , as the last playing game week I had Christensen sitting on the bench and ended removing him to bring in Dias earlier than planned, who ending up scoring a big 0 against Liverpool , but I’m glad Im sitting with him now, as hopefully Man City begin a decent run of games and hopefully good form. I’ll be leaving Rudiger in as the hope is its just a minor injury and he comes back next weekend. The rest of the team is well set , unlikely Raphinha will play , but again he will back next week. Captain choices seem fairly simple, assuming Salah starts he gets it , in fact he may as well have a permanent ‘C’ now as he has to have the Captaincy every game surely based on his recent performances. Sunday is Antonio , not an easy game for the hammers , and the word is we have a couple of injury doubts, I’m sure one eye is also on Thursdays European game , where a win surely guarantees us making the knockout stages. Monday will be White , hoping his all’white’ as I need him for Friday also.

Looking much further ahead my plans for this team are in GW12 move Mendy out for Martinez , in readiness for the single game-day, I kind of thought Mendy would be a stick for all time when I removed Pickford for him, but having had Martinez all last season for me their is still a draw to get him back again, so this is the right time imo and I’ll know I will like seeing him on my team every week. Then I have to make a decision for the Monday night Wolves v Everton game , their might be a temptation to drop Hwang in for Gallagher, but I will wait to see whether his good form continues , additionally still waiting on December TV fixtures to see if their might be any other single game days involving either Everton or Wolves to solidify a pick for this game, if not it could easily be a skip. Then assuming no injuries , suspensions or glaring errors that need attention , its all the way to GW15 where I plan on bringing Kane in for Lukaku, assuming his looking more like the ‘harry’ we know. Teams to watch are defo Man City and Chelsea , I think the City midfielders are going to grab some headlines and I think it likely we will be all ripping up our best laid plans to bring one or more in. I would really like to find a good time to bring Cancelo in and that could happen GW15 also or instead of the Kane move dependent upon form.

Brit in NY2 has slipped a long way back , no Salah has really hurt this team , so probably a few riskier moves are required , currently sitting at rank #37950 , only 5 transfers used , I will be making some bolder moves in this team. This week Ronaldo will make way for Aubameyang on Monday , this will chain into Watkins on the Sunday of GW12 , which will chain into Salah on the Sunday of GW13. On the Sunday of GW15 , I will be moving TAA out for Laporte, Jorginho for KDB and Lukaku out for Kane or Foden. For this weekend Captains it will be Ronaldo , Antonio and Auba when he comes into the team Monday.

Thank you for taking the time to read , I’ll update when I can on twitter where you can find me at , please feel free to DM any questions or comments , and of course please give me a follow.

Have a great weekend , good luck hopefully lots of points for everybody ,

Be Kind

Steve ‘Brit in NY’