Steve’s Sky ff…… It’s all systems Antoni’go go go .

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Two teams still in play just , Brit in NY and Brit in NY2 , both have still 40 transfers remaining each , likely that I will not be using any transfers going into overhaul.

Brit in NY 232 points. Rank #2861

Brit in NY2 199 points. Rank #12490

Brit in NY2 Brit in NY

Main team Brit in NY for Saturday went with crowd , Salah had the armband , was maybe tempted with Mahrez but not knowing the line ups and it being City was just too risky , same with NY2 went with Mane rather than Dias as just not sure with Pep where he will settle on his line ups. Mane was a good choice , gained some ground with team 2 , Mo was OK , unlucky to have a goal disallowed and he looks sharp for sure so no complaints. Was concerned to see Liverpool defence tho not as possession based as previous years , and in addition I do feel they look vulnerable but for the brilliance of Alison , I’m not sure all there defence frailties have completely disappeared, certainly be interested to see how they do against a strong Chelsea attack this coming weekend.

MCY had a hatful against Norwich as expected , Laporte coming in was interesting as was Torres through the middle, I have no idea where John Stones was , so thats a worry with Laporte playing well does Stones get back in ? Really seems only Dias is nailed , maybe Cancelo with the left or right back spot maybe with Zinchenko the only other LB option for the time being. Again be interested to see the line up this weekend in readiness for OH.

So Sunday its Bruno captain in both teams, you have to believe that they will bulldoze into Southampton , however surprisingly not , Southhampton were resilient and in all truth deserved the win , so a minus for Bruno , and is a BruNO now in OH , one to watch especially as I’m typing its looking increasingly likely a certain Ronaldo is about to join the ranks on the red side of Manchester. The decision Sunday was should I 2 for 1 with a spurs player , maybe Son or Kane if he started , if Kane had started it was a maybe , he didn’t so I held my nerve and my transfers.

Monday always was going to be a West Ham pick for me (can’t go against my own team ) , as long as Antonio stayed fit and Benrahma was starting , my only thought was maybe in my team two dropping Jota for Antonio and doubling up on West Ham , my claret and blue anxieties kicked in tho after many long suffering years being a hammer, I could not have the faith in my team doing the business as too many times they have let me down…. how wrong could I be , still Benrahma did well for me in team 2 , and Antonio killed it. Likely they both hold there places for me in OH assuming they stay fit.

Gameweek 3 is almost upon us , I will not be using a transfer even as tempting as it is to being Kane in for 1 game, I’ll stick and bank the transfers I really think with so many premiums now in the game , transfers are going to be needed to hop on and hop off players throughout the season. So Captains for me will be as you can see above in the screen shot (thank you Sky for sorting out the caption fiasco) Antonio and Dias Saturday and maybe a last hurrah for Bruno on Sunday.

Looking ahead at overhaul , its going to be crucial to study the fixture calendar and figure out how to utilise the premium assets , but also leaving enough budget to be able to shift low value assets to other contingencies if you should need to , this is vital you do consider this as using two transfer to make one move is costly and could ruin all your planning. So have cheap enablers at the ready , but also know have some idea to be able to move from one to another at the ready just in case. Prior to the next live game week with the transfer window shut I will share some of my thoughts regards how my teams may look going following overhaul, somehow we need to be considering Salah , Kane , Ronaldo , Lukaku , DCL , Antonio possibly Lewandowski for our forward lines , along with the potential return of KDB along with Bruno , then defence how do we fit in Dias , VVD , Azpi to name but a few ……Sky please increase our budgets !!!

So this weekend, don’t just be following your players already in place , be on the look out for those bargains we will need to be able to get as many premiums into our 11 as possible, I’ll be getting my planning sheet out truing to forward plan those crucial hop on and off moments .

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Steve Brit in NY