Steve’s Skyff GW11-13 ‘Chilli gets hot” !

Good evening everyone , its been a couple of game weeks again since my last post , but I’m glad to say after getting a little more aggressive to try and improve the rank that my main team is edging closer to the top 1000 which is now my goal, once there hopefully sustain that and slowly progress further up the leader board through to overhaul with as many transfers in place as possible.

Here are my two teams , which probably are somewhat different to the previous blog pics I shared just prior to GW10 with 4 transfers used in each to attack the fixtures.that were in front of me.

I’ll start with my main team on the left , when I last wrote team was sitting at #3800 , I’m please to report now sitting at #1298 going into GW13 , 4 less transfers used so now sitting with 30 left . But I feel the team is well set with 3 more moves planned up to the end of the year.

Players I moved out were White , Matip , Lukaku and Benrahma. Bringing in Chilwell early and captaining him has propelled me up the leaderboard , Cancelo is hold for the season now I hope, and my defence looks like it can be left all season now except maybe for a Dias move to a premium striker if needed. I moved to a 4-4-2 to allow money saved from the Lukaku transfer to be spent in defence with his longer term injury this was probably a must do transfer hence I decided upon a ‘mini’ overhaul and committed to the change the structure of the team. Hwang and Bailey were single game Captaincy fixture moves in mind, with Hwang more likely to stay in place longer with some nicer fixtures through to mid December. Bailey will make way for either Toney or Norgaard from Brentford this weekend or later, with £1.4 million in the bank I can move Dias to Kane/ Ronaldo if I wanted, but I really would like to keep Dias , so with the Noorgaard move I get £3.4 in the bank, then by moving later Hwang to Smith-Rowe for the Everton fixture just as Hwangs fixtures turn , and lastly Raphina to a premium striker as Raphinha fixtures toughen up. If I were to go Toney, its more likely I would lose Dias and or Antonio which I’m not sure I want to do. If Bailey plays well tonight , I might just roll until after the IB and see what happens , no fixture gain but with so many injuries happening all the time it might be the safer option.

So that kind of brings you up to date , and provides you an insight into my future plans during November and December. I’m really torn on the Ronaldo and Kane debate , Kane for me I think I really need to see a change in that Spurs team as a whole , and I really think this Sunday even if he does go off , most people will be captaining Salah so not a big loss. The next entry point after this weekend is Leeds , but again I think I can go against Kane with Dias or Cancelo that day. My thinking as an entry point if I go there maybe Thursday 2nd December , I can move from Dias to Kane or as outlined above Raphinha to Kane after the Noorgaard move, but if Spurs have not suitably addressed the issues they have I will move maybe straight onto Ronaldo that day against Arsenal and swing against Kane again. There is a lot of game-time to consider between now and then , which is why I’m trying to keep my powder dry and not make any moves based on a fixed long term plan , Spurs could turn into “Conte’s” Inter Milan and we will all be jumping on in which case I will have a loose plan in place to do so with multiple jump on points.

Other players I’d like in my team I think would be Toney and Auba , Toney for the fixtures right now moving off Antonio and then switching back to looks a safe move , but I do not want to use 2 transfers right now and will likely hold Antonio in readiness for December unless injury strikes again. Auba , I would love to bring in for the Everton fixture and hold through December with some great games where he could go big , he looks sharp again with younger players around making lots of good movement , I’m glad I have him in my B team because it kind of halts me from being tempted to bringing him in my main team at the moment. December and January is notorious for injuries and rotation , my advice would be don’t make moves based on players being rotated, its likely your players will play the following week if rotated out , regards injuries wait until we know for sure and check social media , blogs and other outlets before making a move that may end up being unnecessary.

Brit In NY2 I will talk briefly about , this team I’ve planned much much less which shows in its performance , but I’m determined to improve its rank which is currently sitting at #32428 which is an improvement from #37950 the last time I shared for sure. Changes I had made were Rudiger , Duffy , Lukaku and Ronaldo all out for Cancelo , Livramento , Auba and Ings. Ings being the diaster but the others have worked out. Ings will likely be out tomorrow or Sunday for R James or Kane, I will be captaining Auba this Sunday against Salah , I feel I can in this team with its current ranking.

Brit In NY

Friday Captain Bailey , Saturday Captain Chilwell or Rudiger , Sunday Salah

Brit In NY2

Friday Captain Livramento , Saturday Captain Azpi or James if I bring in , Sunday Auba.

Also just as an update I am for the first time playing other FF formats this season for the first time , its tough playing all of them , so to all the bloggers and podders out there that help us – a really BIG thank you, its really tough to keep all these teams and strategies on the go all at the same time let alone talk and write about them, so here’s my ranks at the moment :

SDT 10 teams entered , Brit in NY 7 currently 60th 4 other teams in the top 5000.

FPL not great and finding this format hard going currently 1,585,877 , wild card played last week

TFF not too bad but messed up early days on this format and sitting at 17,510 currently.

Thank you again for taking the time to read , enjoy the international break and hopefully don’t suffer any injuries in your team , feel free to follow me at , also please feel free to DM any questions regards your own team or advice .

Good luck everybody at the weekend , be kind

Steve ‘Brit in NY’