Steve’s Skyff GW16 review. ‘Kane not in the game’

It’s December …. games are coming thick and fast.

It’s a month since my last blog and its really been quite the rollercoaster , my main team briefly broke into the top 1000 , then following the pain of owning Kane has quickly dropped out again. My second team is still way off the pace but its certainly better than it was a month ago by some distance rising some 10,000 places !!!

Here are my two teams at the moment : Team 1 #1853 with 1213pts and Team 2 #20600 with 1041pts

For Team 1 , three transfers have been made , Dias was removed for Kane for the beginning of Kane’s so called easier run of games which in all truth I think Dias will likely outscore Kane in 1 game versus Kane’s 4 !!! The other was enforced which was Chilwell to Alonso because of yet another injury , and Antonio to Toney for the Spurs v Brentford game and in readiness for the Brentford single captaincy coming up. After yet another tired display from Antonio vs Brighton I felt he had to go and now I will keep a watchful eye on Bowen if I feel I want to get a Hammer back in the team, the Toney move gives me 3 good fixtures over Antonio’s 1 plus a captaincy, then its likely I’ll be moving again with a 5-3-2 formation planned with Ronaldo coming in for Kane following his Norwich fixture ( I really cant wait to move him on – his not been in the game at all this season and once removed I will not be bringing back) , and Hwang and Bailey also making way who have also both been disappointing picks. That should see me through December , with only Salah and Mendy left to move on in preparation for AFCON in January, That will leave me with 21 transfers going into overhaul all being well.

Team 2, has needed some major surgery since November , however it has gained 10,000 places in that time which was so much needed , but still somewhat off the pace and ground to make up. Azpi had to go making way for Guehi , just in time for his two goals !! Sa who has really done well the last couple of weeks was moved on this evening before the fixture swing against Wolves making way for De Gea , Ings for Kane 🙁 , then Auba after that awful miss at the weekend I binned even though his starting against Man U, bringing in Ronaldo and putting the armband on him (nice move in turns out) . Midfielders ESR and Holberg in for Mbeumo and Jorginho. So gains made but transfer count is really low on this team now , down to 23 although pretty set for December apart from maybe 1 or 2 – if I can get to overhaul with still 20 left I’ll be very happy.

Looking ahead at the December fixtures we have some single game days we need to be mindful of if we are looking for captain coverage :

Everton v Arsenal , Brentford v Watford and Newcastle v Man U.

Arsenal coverage for team 1 I’ll be looking at either Smith Rowe , a great budget midfielder at £7.5m scores goals but generally does not get any bonus tiers , as an alternate Gabriel is getting closer to passing tiers as Arsenal become more confident and settled at the back and with Everton’s lack of firepower a clean sheet is a good possibility. Ramsdale is the other standout option , great priced keeper , regularly gets save tiers and capable of clean sheets , only negative is losing Mendy for me this early seems wrong – but it would save me a transfer at the end of December when Mendy departs for AFCON , watch this space!!

Brentford / Watford there are plenty of options here , and if you don’t have someone in place a Watford player could be a good pick if you are prepared to hold through to January when Watford have another single game day. I Sarr is injured at the moment , but if he starts for this single game day could be a solid pick at £7.8m that can score points whoever the opposition, if your prepared to lose one of the forward spots , then King or Dennis have been scoring goals under the leadership of Ranieri , and with Dennis just being £5.5 his a great budget enabler. For Brentford they have there own budget enabler in Norgaard , midfielder at £6.2 who regularly picks up different tier bonuses ( 6 times in the last 7 games ) just be mindful his currently on four yellows and his next one means a 1 match suspension if he picks up before year end. Others to consider are Toney , penalty taker and nailed starter up front for only £7.9m , maybe Mbuemo midfielder at £7.2 that regularly hits the post !!! very frustrating for owners i can only imagine.

Lastly Newcastle v Man U , really United are the only team to consider here , not only this single game but a great run of fixtures all the way from now up to overhaul , Ronaldo is the obvious pick for obvious reasons , we now know his also the penalty taker which makes him even more attractive to own , outside of Ron, Bruno if you want to spend the same as what Ronaldo costs but using one of the midfield slots instead, not sure i could recommend although we know Bruno can do well at any time. Other options – De Gea – United have not been able to keep many clean sheets – that could change though and at £7.2 could be a good option and he is likely to start all games.

Dennis at £5.5 a real consideration now ?

As we move through December, its likely rotation and injuries will play a part in our Captain selections and transfer planning , my advice is try to stick to a plan , if you can choose your Captain based on the first game of the day so you get to see line ups, and have a back up plan if you don’t see your selection, try not to make unplanned transfers last minute – it’s likely it will not work out and then throws all your future plans into turmoil , write a plan , build in contingencies and try to stick to the plan. What i have been doing lately is looking at the fixtures for the month I am in , the month ahead and highlight the teams I really like for fixtures that month , from there pick one player from each team in defence, midfield and attack. Compare to your current team and where if any are already in place , lock those in , now what’s left is what you have to work with over the next game weeks and planning your transfers around those keeps those core players selected in place.

That’s is from me, with so many games I will try to get another blog out before Christmas, don’t forget you can follow me on twitter and DM me any questions or just search @scheek . Even better join our community , where we have a whole team of FF players waiting to answer all your questions including me, go to .

Have a great Christmas , hope you get all the points your looking for …….. C’mon you Irons ⚒️

Cheeky @scheek