Steve’s Skyff Review of GW5 and plans going into GW6

The first game week after OH , after all the late night planning, constant listening to various streams and reading of blogs to try and determine the perfect team post over-haul and then it begins… tinges of disappointment mixed with some bright sparks along with an ending of despair is it all worth it …… haha of course it is, that’s the rollercoaster that is fantasy football, not only do we love the planning , the anticipation but it adds excitement to every game you watch irrespective whether its your own team playing or not , willing your players to make that extra pass , tackle or just shoot as long as its on target …. so GW5 lets talk about the rollercoaster it was, first my teams, only one change from my last blog , I decided in my ‘B’ team to switch out Bamford last minute for Kane , I just could not take the stress of not owning Kane in one of my sides facing Crystal Palace – how wrong was I !!!

Brit in NY Brit In NY2

Brit in NY

My main team , Brit in NY had an OK return for the weekend , on Saturday like most Captained Ronaldo as expected his ‘fairytale’ return was perfectly scripted , two goals the win and of course the MOTM all as expected , Sunday Capt Salah – again he is looking super sharp and motivated to do well this season , imo looking back to his best , then Monday the plan was DCL , I’m just so glad that I trusted my gut , something said to me have a contingency plan just in case he does not make the squad – and low and behold he did not, so my back up plan Pickford took it over no panic transfers and a healthy 10pts. Obviously there were some negatives , losing Webster like most was not in my plans , DCL I had planned to get off him in GW7 and switch to Lukaku , hence leaving Β£1.4m in the bank, so now my likely move is to do that move this coming weekend. The Webster move is a little more difficult , I really don’t want to move to Duffy even though he is now more certain of his place , and I do hold him in my “B’ team , Cooper at Leeds is a possibility , he likely starts and they have a good run – but Leeds look less ‘on it’ so far this season , I’m not sure if it is teams now have a better read on how to play Leeds , or that Leeds need to freshen things up a little – I’m sure they will come good over the next few weeks , and I feel Bamford is worth keeping an eye on as I’m sure he is close to a haul. I like Gallagher , I held him for a large part last season as a West From asset , he looks better this year as an attacking threat with other holding players around him , Vierra likes to move the ball around through the wings and have bodies getting into the box – Gallagher is one of those bodies. To get Gallagher I will need to re-shuffle , so my future plans was a transfer in of an Arsenal asset , so my thinking is that I bring my planned September and October transfer’s forward and complete all three in go this weekend , so Saturday Webster to White , DCL to Gallagher , then Sunday Torres to Lukaku , its a more than a few weeks early for Torres but City do have a difficult run , it gives me hopefully Captain Coverage with Gallagher for the Monday , White gives me coverage for the Arsenal games , also leaves me Β£1.1 in the bank for any more just in case scenarios , all that I’m contemplating is whether I do go White or be tempted by Tierney who looks like he will be playing further forward. Although I’ll be making three transfers all at once , two were already pre-planned which I have brought forward, so in effect I am using only 1 extra transfer to cover the injury to Webster – (this kinda makes me feel better).

I could wait on Webster I know , but I get a sense from type of injury it was (hamstring) that he could be out for a few weeks , with more difficult fixtures coming for Brighton , my feelings are to make the move now, same for DCL no point in dwelling just get it done and try to get to GW12 with the planned 36 transfers still banked. That leaves me either 1 to use either unplanned or as planned in GW11 if the fixtures plan out as expected…. will shall see.

GW points 86

Friday -Captain Raphinha

Saturday -Captain Salah

Sunday -Captain Ronaldo

Current transfer left 40, with 3 transfers planned.

Brit in NY2

As you see one last minute change , just before the OH window shut , that was Kane in and Bamford out , just felt to risky not having Kane in either team , however I should have stuck with my initial thoughts , Kane looks out of form , not happy in his environment and Spurs lack creativity right now , I’m positive that will change , but they have work to do for sure , I just don’t see a Kane with the same hunter instincts as previously – however in an instant I know that could change. Likely I will now switch Kane to Bamford for Friday’s Leeds game (assuming he starts) , I really do think Bamford is going to go on a run of games and score a lot of goals. Same for Jota , he looks so sharp, again a matter of time before he goes on a burst imo – however he only has until GW7 for me, when I have planned to remove him for Luka. Other than that the decision to go Duffy in this team paid off , other’s we will see how they do as we learn more over the next few game weeks.

GW Points 80

Friday Captain – Possible Bamford

Saturday Captain – TAA

Sunday Captain – Ronaldo

Transfers left 39. 1 more planned to be used Friday.

It’s been a great week of football , also for me the first time in a while I have taken an interest in European football, with my beloved West Ham competing in the Europa League stages for the first time , along with me playing fantasy dreamteam for the first time it has given me incentive to watch the games , check out rotation and form , which I hope will help me in the SKyff format , it can get confusing playing acrosss multiple platforms with all the planning , different scoring and types o players that perform well inch given format. What I do know is that the fantasy football community is a wonderful group of people that I am happy to be a part of and hope that I am contributing positively to your experience in the same way I’m benefiting positively from all the bloggers, pod’ders’ and tweeters , thank you and good luck this week.

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