Steve’s Skyff Team OH Update

Good afternoon from a very sunny NY USA, its late evening in the UK and I’m guessing most of you would have completed your teams up to now, however if you are like me, you probably still have some different options running through you r mind that will mean your be tinkering right up until the deadline. Well if you are I’m hoping this blog will help you as I really feel I’m locked now as first game kick off for me is 7.30am local time so I’m hoping I won’t be waking up in a cold sweat at 5am and logging in to make any last minute changes!!!

This has been a really difficult team selection period, I think planning at the beginning of the season was so much easier as obviously there were only 3 games to plan for, along with no European games, so as such very little or no rotation risks and it was almost just choose your captains right and get to OH. Since getting to OH we have had some very BIG premium incomings to contend with , the BruNO got significantly louder and as always none of know what to do with Man City !!

First off let me show my two teams , only 57 points separate them which basically was an Antonio Captain difference, however both teams are performing well in my mini leagues , so I have tried to take a different approach with both and see where that takes me, as the season develops one strategy will present itself I hope.

Brit in NY Brit in NY2

Brit in NY

My main team currently ‘Brit in NY’ I have taken more risks defensively I feel, Christensen and Matip are both rotation risks as well as injury risks, however such is there price point I felt that it enabled me a high value attack and a medium value midfield with the players I really wanted, it also leaves me £1.4 in the bank which is earmarked for a Salah to Kane move in GW7 and a Calvert-Lewin to Lukaku move in GW8. I’m assuming no injuries during that period but I know with 1.4 in the bank I can get to somewhere else if needed and then re-plan accordingly. Other moves, assuming all goes to plan is Ronaldo to Auba GW10 and Kane back to Salah GW12. All being well this gives me all the captaincy coverage I need all the way through to the end of GW12. In total I have planned 4 transfers , though their maybe 1 extra if I plan to get straight off Auba in GW11.

You may also notice I have doubled up on Everton , with both DCL and Pickford , originally it was not my intention to have them both, I was intending to decide between one or the other, however I did not want to go into Monday with DCL alone with his injury situation and then he not be in the squad (been there and done that), also I did not envision keeping DCL all the way through to GW12 where I would probably need a Wolves or Everton captaincy, Pickford was bang on the right money alongside DCL and with Everton fixtures not horrendous they both ended up in my final draft. I’m really not sure I need to explain others , Raphinha is a long term pick I like a lot with Leeds fixtures , in fact I really like Bamford a lot for there fixtures after the Liverpool game, which I was you see him in my other team over Antonio. Torres is a little bit of a risk , but I can easily move to other MCY assets if need be like Grealish or Rodri who I also like , I’ll give Torres a little time and see where I end up , it maybe he turns into Stones or Laporte and I find another midfielder in that 8.0 to 8.3 range.

Captains for this weekend pretty obvious I would say , Ronaldo Saturday my guess is he does start and if doesn’t and comes on for 5 minutes he will still get Sky MOTM , Sunday Salah and Monday DCL or Pickford. When putting together this draft my only other variant was slotting in Kane , I cannot believe in OH I’m not going with Kane , he could easily haul on Saturday but Spurs have a ton of players missing Saturday and Palace are a really hard working side who may be hard to break down, originally I did have in Kane in my draft for DCL with Raphinha making way for Dallas , but looking ahead there are in my view more points to be had from having Raphinha in and DCL as Captains , and I do believe if Ronaldo starts he can go head to head with Kane on Saturday as a captain for point scoring , that does mean however I will be watching the spurs game from behind the sofa though just hoping he does not score or haul.

WIth all the premiums available to us , and we have not even discussed KDB’s return , Bruno , VVD , Dias , TAA it really has opened the game up , forward planning your moves is even more vital imo, then trying not to react to individual game days , one off games and keeping a close eye on form as well as rotation is going to be key , also flexibility to move formations , switching premium attackers to premium defenders is something I will be considering , as we now see home form with fans again being present is relevant , so defensive premiums maybe become better captain choices for away fixtures than there premium attack counter parts , so be prepared to keep planning and strategising as we develop a better understanding of the locked in players for the season.

Brit in NY2

Just a quick overview of my second team , some heavier risks here with an emphasis on Premium defenders and less attack minded midfielders except for Gray who is purely in as a captain pick for Monday night. Lets start at the back , I’m interested in Sa for Wolves, they have a great run of fixtures so this is the perfect way for me to analyse him and see whether I also transfer him in to my main team at a later date, I still have a Patricio hangover from last season so this is really me just dipping my toe in. Duffy again a risk, he may well lose his place which would be unfortunate as he has performed really well up to this point, its a risk and I can easily upgrade as I have held back £2.4m to allow moves throughout the team if needed. Midfield is set and forget, maybe Gray will move to an Arsenal asset when needed. Jota is in for 3 game weeks, with the added security of TAA in the team also, then having the money in the bank allows me to move him to Lukaku GW8. Jota playing through the centre, with Firmino out possibly for 3 weeks is maybe a gamble against Salah I was willing to take with this team, not sure I would recomend for your main team!. Bamford also , he stays all the way through to GW12 , he has a great run of fixtures , gives me maybe two or three captaincy choices and we all know Leeds are very attack minded , so I’m prepared to see it out knowing I can move off should anything change.

I’m really looking forward to the premium league kicking off again this week, just so I can stop tinkering and second guessing myself , good luck everyone for the weekend , I hoped you enjoyed my update. You can find me on please like and share and any feedback is always welcome.

Speak soon

Steve aka Brit in NY